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Effective Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce Site

If you have an E-Commerce website, you want users coming to your website and buying your products. Sounds easy! But it’s not and there are many reasons why your online shop could be letting potential customers slip away, so read our tips on how you can improve your chances of turning users, into paying customers.

Product Descriptions

Go wild with your product descriptions! You need to be the stand out website when it comes to selling, because there are going to be many other websites that are trying to sell the same thing, so be creative and get people buying because you have sold them the product in your description better than your competitors.

Trustworthy URLs

An organised URL is always better for a user that is deciding whether to purchase an item from your website, because it makes your potential customer trust your website if the URL is clear and organised.

Users are more likely to click on a URL like: rather than a URL that appears like this:… or something similar, because it doesn’t make your website appear reliable. You’re also pleasing the search engines at the same time because you’re keeping within Google’s guidelines of not having more that 3 parameters in your URL.

For more information on URLs click here.batman mug

Product Titles

Your product titles have to be clear. It’s as simple as that. If your product title in the search engine appears like this: “WNW Digital’s Tea Mug Range Buy Batman…” it doesn’t give the user any hope whatsoever that your site has what they want. If your product title is as clear as: “Buy Batman Mug £9.99 – WNW Digital” you have told the user 3 things that they want to know; what they are buying, where they are buying from and how much the product is, which is more likely to result in clicks.


Giving your product page reviews from previous customers can be the difference to whether your user buys on your website or not. If they can see positive reviews, like a 5 star rating, it again creates trust and reassurances that your product and your website is the right place to buy from.

You can also use negative reviews to your advantage, as it shows your potential customer that you as a business are honest enough to include reviews that aren’t completely positive because you have your user’s interest as your priority.

Call To Action

Lets be honest, if there isn’t a clear, big button that says something along the lines of ‘BUY NOW’ or ‘ADD TO BASKET’ it’s pretty unlikely that your product will be purchased.e-commerce

Having a clear call to action that stands out on the whole page, makes it the first thing your user will see, allowing them to know straight away where they go to buy the product, so when they are reading about your product, the first thought in their mind is ‘that’s what I press to buy this’.

Mobile Responsive

The majority of online users are browsing the web on their mobile so it’s vitally important that your e-commerce website is responsive because you’re reaching out to the vast majority of people online.

Even if the user isn’t looking to purchase on their mobile, if they have a good experience on the website and they browse through on their mobile device, then it is very likely that they will come back to the website later and purchase then.


If your website is slow, then your customer will click away from your site and not purchase. If you have a good speed score, then you are more likely to turn your users into paying customers because they can purchase quickly and securely.


For more information or questions about your E-Commerce site, you can call our Digital Marketing team on 01392 349 580 or alternatively you can email and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

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