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Facebook To Offer Onsite Purchasing

Facebook are currently testing a ‘Buy Button’ that would allow users to buy products without leaving their news feed, making it much quicker and easier to purchase online products.

Pinterest have a similar button that allows you to purchase certain items that are pinned, through Iphone, Ipad and Android and it now seems that Facebook want to take a similar approach, as they have been slowly feeding out ‘buy buttons’ to users.

If the button does get the green light, it is a big step towards a direct social media marketing campaign for e-commerce clients. Facebook do offer a plugin that makes your online shop available through your Facebook page and of course there are advertising campaigns available as well so it will be very interesting to see the rate that the social media giant will charge businesses for an option to buy without customers having to leave their news feed.

They also unveiled ‘chat bots’ which will now allow businesses to create an automated chat bot to deliver customer support and e-commerce guidance through this new feature on the app Messenger. For example, there is a flower delivery company in the United States that will complete a purchase with a customer through messenger using these chatbots. If the user were to ask “I want to send flowers to my friend” it would then give them a choice of flowers and then go onto to other details like, who the recipient is and what you want to note inside to say, all through the messenger app.

Examples of Chat Bots

The chatbots allow users to talk to them through messenger as if they were talking to their friends and will also allow them to book things like hotels and tables in restaurants, but at the moment don’t yet allow users to pay directly through their Messenger app.

If or when Facebook and Messenger decide to add credit/debit cards to the app, it will mean users will have a much easier and faster way or purchasing products online, so we’d suggest keeping a close eye on this as it progresses, particularly here in the UK.

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