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3 Steps To Creating A Successful Email

Sending an email is quick and efficient… however nowadays it seems that people have become slightly too at ease when it comes to sending emails and this is resulting in sloppy emails being sent out. Particularly if you are using your email for business purposes it might be worth creating a check list that you refer to each time you send an email until proper email etiquette becomes second nature to you. Here are 3 things you should always check before you hit send in order to create a successful email.

Subject Line

The content that you include in your subject line is extremely important, it can be the difference between your email be opened or your email being ignored. You need to produce a relevant subject line that tells the reader exactly what your email is about. Think about it, if you have a lot of unread emails in your inbox what are the first things you do? You see who the email is from and you see what the email is about by reading the subject line. Your subject line is your chance to “sell” your email content. If people can easily identify what the email is about and can see that the email is going be useful to them then they are much more likely to open it. Whatever you do, do not leave your subject line blank. This is almost guaranteed to be ignored as readers will either assume that your email is spam or disregard it as unimportant. So to ensure that your email is actually opened and read before it is deleted make sure your subject line is informative and eye catching.

Font size

You don’t want your reader to have to squint or even worse feel the need to reach for a magnifying glass to see what you have to say. Make sure you select a font size that is of sufficient size that readers will be able to see easily. I recommend that you use no smaller than size 12 font. In addition to this you should also make sure your font size is the same throughout your email. This is something you should particularly look out for if you have copied any content in from another document or web page. If your font size randomly changes throughout, it can make your email look unprofessional and quite frankly messy. So the bottom line is…unless you have specific reasons for sending your text in different sizes …don’t do it!

Spelling and Grammar

It is unlikely that you would receive a business letter that was misspelt and this should be the same for emails. Spelling mistakes can be easily avoided you can simply turn on the spell checker in your email account; this will underline any misspelt words which you can then right click to correct them. This is a fundamental basic when it comes to sending an email. It is crucially important that your spelling is correct if you want your business to maintain its professional image. Incorrect spelling can be a costly affair particularly if you are using your email to sell a product or service of yours. Readers are likely to lose trust and confidence in your business if spelling mistakes are present as it is a sign of carelessness and unprofessional-ism.

So next time you come to writing an email make sure that you consider these three factors so that you can be confident that your email will be a success.

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