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Email Marketing: Could It Be Your Secret Weapon?

Email Marketing used to be extremely popular but it has since been overshadowed by some of the more recent marketing approaches such as social media. It does however remain a very unique and useful tool, as highlighted by a McKinsey and Company study that states that Email Marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter.

email marketing
Research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that 72% of people prefer to receive their promotional content via email rather than on social media, which works in our favour as marketers because social platforms can often be too busy and fast-paced causing our messages to be easily missed. With emails, our messages will be sitting in an inbox until the recipient has time to check them – which makes them a lot harder to miss.

Email Marketing is cost-effective and adaptable technique that works well both B2B and B2C. Each message can be tailored to a specific audience or segment and the various features within Email Marketing platforms allow us to create various different lists of email addresses and then send certain messages to certain lists, or even sub-categories of those lists. All in all, this can make for a very specifically targeted campaign.

Your emails can be tracked with various things such as the number of opens and the click-through rate. This information then allows you to send out specific follow up emails to certain groups such as warmer or cooler traffic. Trial and error will be necessary but once you have perfected it, your Email Marketing could be both incredibly powerful and useful tool for your business.

Another benefit of Email Marketing is that it’s mobile-friendly. As emails are the most used tool on a smartphone, this further expands the avenue. For your messages to be read on smartphones and tablets, you must ensure that your content is responsive or people won’t bother reading any further than the subject line.

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Imogen Mills
Imogen is the Digital Marketing Intern and PA to the Managing Director at WNW Digital. She is a student at Bournemouth University undertaking a year in industry to benefit her Advertising Degree. At WNW Digital, Imogen concentrates on the marketing for the agency and blogging for clients. You can email her at

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Hi Emmerey,

Thanks for your comment.

We use Mail Chimp to send out our weekly emails – but many CMS have their own email marketing system which can really simplify the process.

– Imogen

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