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Our Top Tips for Your Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an extremely important aspect of any marketing strategy and can produce some really great results when it is done correctly.

When it comes to email marketing for Christmas, you should aim to start sending your emails between 1st and 15th November. This is when the highest open rate occurs, and you will be more likely to reap the rewards of your hard work.

However, it’s the time of year when all of our inboxes are full to the brim with offers, promotions and general information. So, how do you ensure that your audience opens and absorbs your email?

Here are a few of our top tips.

Analyse Previous Performance

Analysing your Christmas emails from last year is the first place to start, this can help you to understand your audience and what kind of content or tactic goes down well with them.

Check the performance of these emails by looking at the following statistics:

  • Click Through Rate.
  • Open Rate.
  • Individual Bounce Rate.
  • Unsubscribes from Individual Emails.

Once you have identified what kind of content or what kind of approach works best for your audience you can tailor your new campaigns to these facts.

Your audience is likely to respond to one type of content over another, so if you can shortcut the route to finding this, then you should take this opportunity.

Make Your Subject Lines Magical

It’s a competitive time of year to be in your audience’s inbox which means you need to stand out from the offset. This all comes down to your subject line.

Your subject lines need to be punchy, short, unique and intriguing to get people to click through to your email.

There are so many techniques you can use when you’re writing email subjects, including:

  • Using puns to grab their attention and zone in on their sense of humour.
  • Include discounts.
  • Give them a Christmas gift, g. “Free Shipping” or “Gift Wrapping Service”.
  • Include useful information about your product or service.
  • Target their emotions.

After all, getting people to click through to your email and open it is half of the battle to email marketing success. Once they’re reading your email, they will be more likely to convert.

Decorate Your Design

Christmas emails are all about the visuals, so include images, graphics and even videos to make your emails interesting.

Themed designs like advent calendars work well – each day of the advent calendar your emails ‘Open a door’ with a new promotion, offer or even an industry tip.

Go all out with your Christmas design; people love Christmas and festivities so you can use this to your advantage.

If you have a running theme in your Christmas marketing, don’t let your emails go off on their own. It’s easy to discount emails as part of your marketing strategy, but sometimes they can be the deciding factor in a sale!

Stick to the theme that your Christmas marketing is following.

Make Your Content Shine

Christmas isn’t an excuse to send emails recklessly.

Your emails need to include good quality content that your audience will be interested in; you don’t need to completely change your content because of the change in season.

Spruce up your usual content and add some interest. This could be as simple as adjusting some of the words you would usually do or even just the design.

Alternatively, Christmas is a great time to increase your sales as demand for products is high. Promote your best-selling products or services as well as some of your Christmas specials.

If you’re not a retailer, it is still relevant for you to promote your services. However, you may want to take the approach of getting everything sorted before the new year and getting the ball rolling this Christmas.

Even though your sales may not increase over the festive period your customer’s sales might, which means you need to be in front of them and ready to meet their increase in demand for your service.

Start preparing your email marketing now so that you don’t get left behind when the festivities begin! If you’re interested in learning more about how email marketing can work for your business or how you should be marketing via email over Christmas, get in touch with our team of experts.

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