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Top Tips for Email Subject Lines – Get the Conversions You Want

Email marketing is a really effective tool for generating conversions, but you can’t generate conversions if people aren’t reading the content. Subject lines are what determine whether emails are opened or not so you need to ensure that you are writing the best you possibly can.

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In a recent blog post, we discussed subject lines and why they need to be good to get opened (read that blog here). In today’s post, we tell you how to make them work:

Get to the Point
According to Convince and Convert, 35% of business professionals check email on a mobile device. On mobile devices, the subject line preview space is reduced so in order for you to get the best impact, we suggest you keep your subject line short and concise.

To do this, try writing out what you want to say – at this stage it doesn’t matter how long it is (within reason!). Once you’ve done that, try re-working it until it’s just 50 characters long. This will allow you to edit and condense your message so you can still get your point across within the limited space.

No Clickbait
Clickbait is when people write titles that are misleading as a way to get views on their website or online videos. Often, companies can do a similar thing with their email subject lines. False promises about the content will make people irritated and could cost you their mailing subscription and any chance of them reading any emails in future. Think, the boy who cried wolf.

To avoid this, be honest from the start and tell them exactly what’s inside. Did they just make an order on your site? Send them a receipt and put it in the subject line so they know exactly what you’ve sent.

State What You Want
Use action oriented verbs to tell your recipient what you want them to do. Your subject line here almost acts like a Call to Action so you’re allowed to be direct with this. Make it clear what you want from the start and you should see some great results.

Create a Sense of Urgency
People hate missing out, and you can use this to your advantage. Creating a sense of urgency could encourage people to act faster once they see what they could be missing out on – end of sale emails are a great example of this.

Why Don’t You Ask a Question?
Questions are a great way of peaking the interest of your recipient. Try and keep the topic relevant and based on something they might want to know, otherwise your email will be overlooked in people’s inboxes.

Get Punny
Puns don’t work for everyone and they may not suit your business style at all, but where appropriate, puns can be really effective. One tip here though would be to no overdo it – you want your business to be taken seriously.

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Imogen Mills
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