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Crucial Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way of engaging users directly and you can target certain users based on their behaviors or buying history.

But are your email marketing campaigns falling a bit short of what you want? Maybe you’re not getting the clicks you want and more prospects are unsubscribing from your email campaigns? Here are some tips that are sure to improve your email marketing campaign success and performance.

Segmenting your audience Email-re-colour

We’ve all been there. You open up your emails and there is an email in there that is totally unrelated to you. Maybe you’re a male and bought some men’s trousers online and now you’re getting emails about lingerie (who knows that might be your thing) but for the majority, that email is unrelated to you. So you unsubscribe.

It is vital that if you are sending an email campaign that is focusing on a specific audience set, you separate your lists so you don’t allow you email lists to have a reason to unsubscribe!

Don’t go full sales mode

Selling is the end game, everybody knows that. But if you are screaming to your customer “BUY THIS PRODUCT” from the off, it’s going to scare a lot of customers away.

So be sure to ease your way into a sales email, informative emails are always a good place to start or links to a blog post about products or services, allows the customer to trust your business before thinking about purchasing.

Think about your design

Just put yourself in the shoes of the users you are targeting. Would you be happy to click through to the website link?

The design of the email is crucial to the user, does it have too much text? Are the images appealing? Is the call to action clear enough?

These are all critical things to determine when setting up your email marketing campaigns and you need to remember what the email will look like through a mobile device, with a reported 54% of emails being opened through mobile.

Subject Line Is GodEmail Marketing

The subject line determines whether or not the user is going to open your email, so without a strong, enticing subject line you email will not get opened.

Keeping subject lines short and snappy will keep reader’s interest levels high and make them want to click through to find out more information.

A/B split testing is a great way to see what subject lines perform better and it allows you see what style of subject line is most popular for your campaigns.

REMEMBER – subject lines on mobile devices will be shorter than what appears on desktop, so if you have a subject line that fits well in your desktop, it could be cut off on a mobile device.

Find The Best Sending Time

Lots of email marketing programs will offer you what they think is the best time to send your email marketing campaign, but it really depends on your audience and your business.

It may take a few campaigns to understand what the best time is for you to send, but it’s really important to understand what time receives the best amount of opens and clicks.

Usually, between 9am – 10am on a Tuesday or a Thursday seems to be the optimum time to send out emails.

Integrate Your Marketing Strategy

Integrated marketing (click here to find out more) is fantastic for your email campaigns because you can focus on one subject or product and share it through your social media, give an informational blog, re-market to your audience and finally send out a sales email campaign.

This is one of the most effective ways to market online as every aspect of the campaign gives the reader a little bit more information and more of a reason to buy the product. Being emailed with a sales email that is going to make them click on that ‘buy now’ button.

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