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GDPR is Finally Here!

So, the time has come, GDPR is now being enforced, and the stress of the lead up to the deadline has hopefully passed for many business owners. But, what has changed now that GDPR is finally here?

It is not too late to become compliant if your business is not already, in fact, you’re better acting now than never at all for both now and the future.

We’re sure that everybody is tired of hearing about GDPR by now and let’s face it, we all wish we could forget about those four letters. But, we wanted to provide you with a roundup of the regulations and how they will impact on businesses.

The regulations only came into force on Friday, so they are still new for all businesses – even though it feels like they’ve been enforced forever with the build-up we’ve had!

Our Run Down of GDPR

GDPR has been enforced to replace the slightly outdated Data Protection Act, the main difference between the two legislations is simply that GDPR is much more in-depth about the use of personal data in the modern day.

The new regulations are in place to strengthen the rights and protections of an individual and apply to all members of the EU.

One of the main aspects of GDPR is the issue of consent – do you have the adequate consent from the individual to store and use their personal data?

By now your database should have been cleaned and all data up to date, as well as consent is gained. This is another main factor in being GDPR compliant.

There is still no case law for these regulations and, until this point in time, it will still not be completely clear as to how strict these regulations will be and what the line is between compliant and non-compliant.

There is Still Time

If your business is still not completely compliant, there is still time! Just because the regulations are in force does not mean it is too late to be compliant, in fact, it means you should be working even harder to meet the regulations.

Getting your database compliant is the easiest and most effective step you can take to become compliant. Cleaning your database will not only help on your GDPR journey but will also benefit your marketing – you will have up to date leads so will increase your efficiency.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to be seriously thinking about making sure all of your terms and conditions and privacy policies are compliant to the new terms and are available to view at any time.

These are just some small steps you can still make to ensure that your business is working with these regulations. The important thing is not to panic – as long as you are showing that you are actively working towards compliance, the ICO will note this.

It’s time to take action now if you have not already been working towards becoming compliant with the regulations. There is so much information available on the ICO’s website, and any new guidance will be added here.

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