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The Lessons We Have Learned Thanks To GDPR

GDPR has been a long process for our team, and these four letters tend to send shivers down our spines as we’re only just recovering from the hectic period surrounding the regulations.

However, this experience has taught our clients and us a few things that will be useful for business going forward. We may not be happy about the process, but there have been some benefits or at least a few lessons learnt from the past few months.

Lesson 1: Coffee is Essential

This is something that we learned very early on in the GDPR process and something that our team took very seriously throughout what seemed like extra-long months.

Coffee is essential when attempting any work related to GDPR and quite frankly, the bigger mug of coffee you can get, the better!

The coffee has been flowing over the last few months in our offices helping the team through blog writing, writing policies, cookie pop-ups and uploading client policies. Coffee has definitely made this achievable and kept our team somewhat sane.

Lesson 2: Quality Over Quantity

One of the largest strains on resources that most companies faced in the run-up to GDPR was the data cleaning process. This involved many hours of phone calls and emails to ensure that databases were up to date with accurate client information.

However, this time has been so beneficial for our and other businesses marketing methods. A clean database means that any marketing efforts are much more efficient, especially in email marketing.

You are not going to waste your time trying to market your services to either someone who is simply not interested or an email address that isn’t even in use anymore.

We have taken a vow to keep our marketing database clean and updated as frequently as possible, and your business should defiantly consider this as well. We can see the benefits already!

Lesson 3: Don’t Follow the Crowd

There was so much confusion surrounding GDPR and what business owners needed to do to be compliant. However, many business owners weren’t actually researching the regulations for themselves or educating themselves on GDPR which lead to a lot of businesses simply following the crowd.

This was highly relevant for the “opt-in” emails that all our inboxes were flooded with, but did we all really need to send those emails? No, probably not.

So, why did we receive so many of these, let’s face it, annoying emails? It was simply businesses following what other people were doing because they were unsure.

In reality, all these businesses were encouraged to do was to send out an email stating that they had new policies in order to be compliant, and provide consumers with a way to ‘unsubscribe’ from emails and contact your business.

We chose not to follow the crowd in this case, and we are glad that we didn’t in the end. The “Opt-In” process seemed to have a negative repercussion for many businesses.

Always educate yourself on the matter rather than following what other businesses are doing.

Lesson 4: Don’t Focus on the Negatives

GDPR has impacted some of the ways that our favourite marketing platforms can target an audience, the main one being Facebook.

It is probably no surprise to most, Facebook has tightened the amount of information you can use to target an audience post-GDPR (all third-party data). This will impact a lot of really targeted marketing campaigns.

However, we tried not to focus on this negative, yes it was a bit annoying that our campaigns will no longer be as targeted. But, GDPR has allowed other marketing platforms to become more efficient and effective.

Remarketing using both Facebook or Google is still a great option and if you want to use an email list then you will be targeting people who are active and are interested thanks to data cleaning.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences also use your list of email addresses to find ‘similar’ individuals, which will be more efficient thanks to GDPR.

We have been focusing more on the marketing methods that are more efficient thanks to GDPR rather than the ones that have been impacted by the regulations.

Hopefully, this is the last you will hear about GDPR from us in a while. Our team have their fingers crossed! However, if you do have any questions regarding GDPR or some of the things we have learnt throughout the process, get in touch.

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