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Increase Your Return On Investment With A Successful Remarketing Campaign!

Would you like to show ads to users who have previously shown an interest in your site? Remarketing will allow you to do just that! Remarketing is a great way in which you can generate further engagement with your target audience.

Google Analytics has recently developed their remarketing technologies. In order for businesses / users to create a more targeted remarketing campaign Google have introduced a new form of segmentation that allows you to target specific lists of people that you might have created in your analytics account. You can then transfer these lists from your analytics account that might be segmented into demographics, location, behaviour and interests etc. This segmentation can then be used to create more specific remarketing campaigns that are more likely to be successful due to their targeted nature.

How does Remarketing work?

Once you have set up your remarketing campaign ads will appear on people’s internet browsers when they are visiting websites that have advertising space. These ads then act as a reminder to the user that they were previously browsing your internet page. For example if you were an online retailer for women’s clothes and someone had viewed a selection of women’s jumpers from your site, you might use your remarketing to display one of the viewed jumpers in the advertising window on another site.

The technical bit, in order for this to work and in order for your ad to be created you will need to apply tags to your pages that you want to advertise. Take for example the category women’s jumper. On every page that you sell women’s jumpers you can apply the tag “women’s jumper”. Therefore when someone from your remarketing lists visits one of these pages that you have applied a tag to, you can target them with an ad. Sticking with the example of women’s jumper, when the potential customers goes to browse another website having previously been on your site you can cause the ad of a women’s jumper from your site to appear in the advertising space of this new site. Therefore by setting up a remarketing campaign you could increase your return of investment as remarketing is a cost effective way of driving sales.

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