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Integrating Video With Your Website

This a guest post by Alex Wren, video specialist at Bitpod.

Using video as web site content is now commonplace, web site editors understand how to embed video and visitors are happy to play this content. The strategy behind creating video content can also be fairly straightforward, more often that not it is used where video simply makes it easier to understand a concept, this might be in the form of a demonstration or possibly a more personal presentation.

Forward thinking web developers have now started to embrace video on a whole new level, rather than just include video as part of the page content, they produce a page where the main reason is to view the video. A popular way to achieve this is designing a page banner to highlight the video close to the top of the page. Alternatively, advanced designs can integrate the video as part of the page design using a ‘poster image’ (the name for the non playing first frame). This poster image can be part of the overall design allowing for ‘deep’ integration of the video and offering an enhanced interface design. This type of embedding increases the chance of video playback and provides an superior browsing experience. 

There is much proof that video greatly assists visitor conversion. Statistics show that even the presence of a video has an impact, regardless of whether the viewer chooses to play it. On ecommerce websites metrics allow for accurate ROIs to be considered, using either before and after comparisons or A-B testing to determine the overall success.

On non ecommerce websites conversion analysis is a little trickier, clues to success may be visible in changes to visitor routes, possibly due to the call-to-action in the video or simply due to the amount of information communicated therefore requiring less page views. Advanced video annotations (clickable areas within the video) can provide trackable links to follow on pages, allowing for accurate reporting and goal analysis.

By considering your video integration strategy and your conversion monitoring techniques, you can increase the overall impact of your video content. Although simple embedded video still works well, it is definitely worth discussing how your web developer can make your video more effective.

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Thanks to Alex for some great advice there – we’re certainly finding clients integrating video with their websites more and more, and videos on product and services page have proven very helpful with conversions.
Go and check out Bitpod’s YouTube channel (see link at the bottom of the article), they’ve got lots more great information and advice in video form!

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