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Is LinkedIn still relevant as a marketing tool in 2017?

This blog post is written by Vic Williams, a business and leadership development coach and the owner of The Audacious Company.

As an early adopter and an avid user of social media, if I were forced to choose a social networking site which is best for my business, it would hands down have to be LinkedIn. Yes, over Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and myriad of other social media sites. And that even after all the changes and challenges that have been associated with the Microsoft buyout.


However, I get asked by clients regularly whether it is still a relevant platform for marketing and as a business tool in 2017? The simple answer is yes. With over half a billion users worldwide and with London being one of the most LinkedIn connected cities in the world, the opportunities are endless.

So you have to put up with some spam mail, posts and connection requests, but you have to put up with junk through the regular mail anyway as well as through email, Facebook and almost every other marketing platform available. And yes, some people use the platform like as second tier Facebook, with posts about their dogs and the meal they had yesterday and adverts are on the increase, which can be extremely frustrating, but then that is life. Nothing is without frustration.

But seriously, LinkedIn is by far my best source of new connections, leads and business. I can directly attribute at least 80% of my consistently gained new business over the past six years to LinkedIn. And even on the top end paid platform, this is an incredibly inexpensive option in my overall marketing efforts. I have gained clients from countries outside of the UK at almost no cost at all.

So LinkedIn is still extremely relevant for small and large business in 2017.

The larger question, however, is not whether LinkedIn is relevant but rather whether it is used correctly. Like all forms of marketing, if LinkedIn is not used correctly by you, it will be irrelevant to you. The fact is the platform is only as relevant in 2017 as you allow it to be.

So how can you ensure it is more relevant for you right now?

Here are 3 simple tips which will help you begin to get the most LinkedIn has to offer:

  1. Know what you want out of the process. Knowing what you want out of LinkedIn will help you formulate a strategy to use it correctly.
  2. Interact consistently. That does not mean living in the platform all day, every day but rather looking for relevant content which has been published in your newsfeed and liking or commenting in a constructive way. Engagement is the name of the game.
  3. Contribute consistently. Share your expertise, experience and knowledge through the posts and articles you write. Again this does not need to take hours and hours every day. My friend, Oleg Vishnepolsky, has grown his readership to over 61000 in less than 3 years with articles written and posted by him in less than 10 minutes a day.

So is LinkedIn still relevant in 2017? Unquestionably yes! Is it relevant for you? Only you can answer that question.

Author credit: Vic Williams

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