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Ad Tracking and Conversion Stats

When undertaken in the right manner, pay per click marketing campaigns can deliver excellent results.

In some instances, there have been those entrepreneurs who have earned incredible amounts of revenue from successful PPC campaigns.

But, this does not mean simply signing up with a PPC service is all one has to do to achieve success. Rather, it is important to stay informed throughout the entire marketing campaign.

This is where ad tracking tools comes into play. It is these ad tracking tools that deliver the clear analytical data required for a successful campaign.

Tracking can be considered a key component of any marketing campaign. This is true of both online and offline marketing since all marketing success requires trial and error.

No matter how well planned a marketing strategy may be, you will never know how successful it truly is until you launch the campaign.

Now, if the campaign does not deliver on initial expectations that do not mean it is necessary to completely scrap it. You simply need to look at the areas where the campaign is faltering and where it is succeeding.

>From this, you can improve the weak points in order to have a more successful campaign.

The way to do this is through examining the analytical information that is reflected in ad tracking tools. This is a key point because it is these ad tracking tools that allow marketers to look at vital information such conversion rates and visitor information.

For those not familiar with the term conversion rate, it refers to the number of people who visit your site and actually make a purchase.

So, if 15 out of every 100 visitors were to make a purchase, the conversion rate would be 15%. Those wishing to raise their revenues would have two options: increasing the number of visitors to the site or increasing the conversion percentage of those who do visit. (Actually, they could do both as well) However, such a plan will not be possible without clear analytical data that details the various components of conversion figures.

Among these components, detailed information on landing page statistics is among the most important.

Landing pages are where a visitor will “land” when they visit a site through a PPC ad. Since a website could have several different pages that the visitor can land, you could have a multitude of landing pages within the same site. If certain landing pages are performing well and others are performing poorly, you could always direct the bulk of the PPC ads to send visitors to the successful pages.

This is a simple strategy that can deliver excellent results and it is only possible thanks to the data found on quality ad tracking tools.

Of course, there are many other components that are integrated in an Ad tracking software program.

This is a good thing because the more analytical information at your disposal, the greater the chances are of crafting a brilliant and successful PPC marketing campaign.

About the Author: Michael Baker is an internet marketing specialist that has years of experience with both SEO & PPC. He has let several companies to online marketing success and is the mastermind behind Ad Tracker Reviews which reviews the top ppc tracking tools in the industry.

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