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Are the colours of your website’s design conveying the right emotional response?

We’ve previously discussed how colours in images can affect the coherency of a website’s design but this blog looks at what the colours themselves can mean to your visitors.They can give a website meaning, convey an emotion or demonstrate values before the user has even begun to read the main website content. They can create impact or even guide a visitor from one part of the site to the other.

All colours can generally have a negative or positive effect on your website design and the emotion it conveys will heavily depend on what content and shapes are placed around them it but that’s another blog entirely. For now let’s look at some of the general emotions associated with the most popular colours:


Red: Power, passion, danger, stop, importance, emergency, anger and rage
In conjunction with oranges you can bring out the warmer emotions in your website design. Blacks and dark colours will convey strength, formidability and anger.


Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, joy, inviting and nervous.
This is a great call to action colour. Pair it with white for an orderly and inviting response or black for a hastened urgent response.


Yellow: Energetic, hope, optimistic, cheerful and intelligence.
The most energetic of all colours can unfortunately reflect too much light so if over used can cause irritation for a visitor on your website. If you website design also includes greys or faded colours yellow will begin to convey caution, jealousy and laziness.


Green: Health, Nature, beginnings and wealth.
This is the easiest colour on a visitor’s eyes and will help create balance in your website design. Green is often used as an ‘add to cart’ button because it creates a feeling of safety, inspiration and growth. Dark colours will bring out greed and jealously which is not an emotion to be dismissed as both can encourage desirability and more sales.


Blue: Calmness, spiritual, trust, healing, cold & passive
These qualities make blue the most common favourite colour. If over used this can make website designs cold and disengaged from users. If combined with white or grey it can give a professional and clinical look.


Purple: Royalty, sophistication, wealth, luxury & creativity
An unusual colour as it’s linked to creativity and magic with matched with light colours, yet luxury and depression when paired with dark colours. Purple is a bit of a random pot of emotions.

Black & White

Black: Power Sophistication, depth, mystery and the unknown.
Combined with any other colours will bring out their energetic and powerful qualities.

White: Purity, youth, safety, cleanliness and cold.
Combined with any other colour will bring out their clinical, pure and fresh qualities

The last variable to consider is how cultural influences or experiences may affect your target audiences and their perception of colours. A good example is the colour red in china which is regarded as lucky, happy and healthy. Unfortunately in the UK and the US it can mean danger, violence and rage. You are going to know your target audience the best so be sure to help your website agency when it comes to the colour scheme of your website’s design.

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