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The 5 Most Important Blog Building Tips

If you have a blog, or you are thinking of building one, there are a few things you should definitely do to make sure it is a success. We dive down deeper into all these things in our eBook “How to Build a Successful Blog“, and you can download it for FREE at

Pick a marketable subject – personal blogs may be fun for friends and family, but when it comes to making money, you need to keep it commercially viable. That means focusing on an industry or subject matter that is interesting to millions of people and not too nichey or personal.
Get your own domain and hosting – it may be tempting to start off your blogging career with a “free” blogging account from or Blogspot, but don’t do it. You really need to have your own domain and have control over your hosting so you can run ads and actually make money.
Write an article AT LEAST 3 times per week – probably the worst mistake bloggers make is to go on a month-long hiatus. If you are going to be out of town, or you want to take some time off, then go ahead and write up some additional articles and schedule them to post while you are gone. It is important to keep your blog updated.
Make lots of online friends – You will get a lot more traffic the more you cultivate relationships with your visitors. Be real, and be honest, and just like in real life, people will want to help you out.

Submit your blog and articles to the following sites:
Feedburner –
Technorati –
BlogPulse –
BlogTopSites –
Reddit –
Digg –
Delicious –
Stumble Upon –
Furl –

The most important thing about blogging is to get started now. Even if you aren’t 100% sure what you are going to do with your blog in the future, it never hurts to go ahead and start getting it established. Search engines are loving blogs these days, so get out in front of them, and stay there by posting early and posting often!

Get even more information on making YOUR blog successful by downloading our free eBook “How to Build a Successful Blog

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