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The Benefits Of Having A Blog Feed Included In Your Web Design

Keep your customers up to date. A blog feed is a simple and effective way of quickly alerting your customers to any useful information. This might include a new product launching, Christmas opening times or perhaps a special offer that you might have.

Publish product reviews. As there are so many similar products available to buy on the internet customers often want to find as much information as possible about a product they are about to invest their hard earned cash on. Including product reviews on your website are a great way of providing your customers the extra information they are looking for. A positive product review could be the difference between getting that extra sale and losing the sale to someone else.

Raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. If you have an active blog feed that is posting useful and interesting information, it is likely that you are increasing your brand awareness and brands visibility. People reading your blog might be encouraged to share an entry on one of their social media channels. Your brand/business is then introduced to a whole new following of people. This can sometimes drive traffic to your website. If people read a blog entry about a product they are interested in, it could even result in a sale.

Improve Your SEO Rankings. If you are posting quality content on your website, the search engines are likely to recognise you as a useful and good website that people would benefit from visiting. Therefore, if you keep your blog feed up to date with quality content the search engines will start to give you higher listings on their searches.

It is important to remember blogging will only be effective if you invest a decent amount of time into it. You should aim to write a new blog post at least once a week to keep your customers interested and to improve your SEO listings.

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