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Ways To Optimise Your Blog For SEO

As you are all well aware, blogging is a fantastic tool for marketing your business and is great from an SEO point of view because you are constantly updating your website with new content.

But how can you optimise your blogging for SEO? Check out our tips:

Fresh Unique Search_engine_optimistionContent

Remember, Google hates duplicate content so it’s vitally important that your blog posts are not repeating previous posts, so make sure that you keep giving out new content that is original and unique!

Even if you take an idea from a news article or something similar, try to tackle it at a different angle so that your post stands out from the rest, which will of course get more people reading your blog which will then improve your rankings in Google.

Constant Stream Of Content

Combining with fresh, unique content, it’s also very important to keep a constant stream of your blog posts. The more content on a website the better, because it shows the search engines that your site is active, which ultimately helps your rankings.

At WNW Digital, we try to get a new blog post everyday, which can be tough because you’re constantly looking for new ideas, but it pays dividens because we are ranking very well in the search engines.

Keywords and Meta Description

Yoast SEOIt is very important to add meta description and keywords to your blog posts so that they can be can come up in the search engines when that keyword is included.

The meta description gives the user a brief description of what your link is about and is also very good from an SEO point of view, so it’s really important to include this.

In WordPress, there is a great tool that we use, at the bottom of your blog pages called Yoast which gives you a clear and easy way to adding meta descriptions and keywords and shows how you can optimise them the best way.

Relevant Links To Other Websites

Including links is another great way to improve your SEO rankings, because it shows the search engines that you are a trustworthy website that is offering to drive traffic to another site from your own website.

Our Friday Blog Round Ups contain lots of outbound links to other websites because they are relevant to our topics and we share those sites with our users.

Maintain A Good User Experience

SpeedUser experience is such an important factor in blogging and with any other website! So make sure that all your links work correctly, your site speed is good and that you’re not hitting the user with massive amounts of text, break it up with some images.

We have a great speed score for our website and as you can see, we have a perfect user experience score.

Share Your Blog

Get your blog shared on social media, because otherwise you wont hit good amounts of traffic coming through your site. Facebook and Twitter are ideal for sharing your content and getting people clicking, so make sure you have a good social media strategy so that you have lots of people seeing your blog and sharing it.

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If you have any questions about blogging, SEO or Social Media give one our team a call on 01392 349 580 and we will be happy to help.

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Ben Wiltshire
Ben is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites, while also creating and managing your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can follow Ben on Twitter @BenWNWDigital or alternatively email him at

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