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Business Owner Will Switch Parties For Election

A survey from George S. May International shows some quite interesting statistics about how small business owners intend to vote ihe upcoming U.S. presidential elections. The most intriguing one is that 62% of small business owners say they would cross party lines this year to vote for the candidate that they fell will do the most to help their business.

The survey polled 850 small business owners around the country, and about half of them say that they feel like their business is in jeopardy. The survey highlights the following stats as reasons for this:

– 56% say the current credit crunch has adversely impacted their business

– 23 percent cited late-paying customers and vendors

– 14 percent said their lines of credit were being pulled

– 9 percent said they were having difficulty making payroll

– 23 percent said all of the above

– 31 percent cited other ways, which were not specified

The majority (59%) of small business owners said that the $700 billion federal bailout will not help their business, leaving 41% to the contrary.

“The results of the survey show that the presidential candidates must connect with the needs of small businesses that together employ the majority of people in America,” said Israel Kushnir, president of George S. May International. “Small business owners are concerned about jobs, having access to credit lines to keep their operations going, healthcare costs for their employees, and taxes. Small businesses across America don’t feel that there is a $700 billion bailout for them.”

Business owners are having to make sacrifices to make up for how they are being impacted. Some are dipping into their retirement savings, while others are turning to their personal savings accounts and credit cards. What kind of sacrifices are you having to make? If you live in the U.S., are you willing to cross party lines for your business this election?

About the Author:
Chris is a content coordinator and staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz and the iEntry Network.

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