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E-mail Newsletter – How Is It Done

Although email newsletters are one of the oldest forms of marketing, they are still effective. As seen below, popular blogger Darren Rowse of, says this about utilizing email, “…email is really the way that most people, young and old from different generations [and] different backgrounds, access information on the Web.”

He goes on to explain how email is now one of his most effective forms of marketing. If you want to have an effective email program like Rowse, you have to provide good, quality content in your newsletter. Many times, email newsletter efforts are mistaken for spam since some companies use newsletters to only talk about themselves.

To make sure that your newsletter isn’t confused with spam, you should include a variety of content in it. For starters, you should prove that you’re an expert. Provide information that your readers can actually use.

Secondly, put a Q & A section in your newsletter. Choose 1-2 questions to answer and explain each time your newsletter is sent. Not only does this get your readers involved, but it also reiterates that you are an expert.

A third source of content is testimonials. If you share how your business helped someone achieve success, then your readers can apply that information to their own business. In addition, testimonials show off your abilities, which strengthens your credibility.

Fourthly, bring in outside sources. Interview an expert in your field or someone that has a complementary product or service to your own. This tactic also gives sets your newsletter up to have a broader appeal.

Fifthly, incorporate news items or current events into your content. If you can relate your content to something that is common to all your readers such as a holiday, your newsletter stands a better chance of being opened and read.

You could also include fun facts and in-depth looks at topics in your industry. But if you still aren’t connecting with your readers, send out a survey and ask them what they want from you.

In the end, you will find that compelling content will make your internet marketing campaign effective.

About the Author:
Abby Johnson is a Video Reporter/Anchor for SmallBusinessNewz.

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Good informative post. Many web 2.0 advocates will try to tell you that email is dead. I feel many email / newsletter fail because as you pointed out lack of engagement with the customer

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