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Four New Marketing Startups That Will Make Your Life Easier

Online marketing, more than most disciplines in any industry, truly feels like it moves at warp speed.  No sooner do marketers master the latest tools do they hear from the grapevine that new must-have applications have landed.  Some are bona fide game-changers, some just fads that essentially waste our time.  Below are a bundle of new technology startups that actually improve our lives as business owners, and appear to have longevity.  Spend some time getting to know these new innovations, and you’re likely to find life as an online marketer just got easier.

Modernize Mobile E-mail With Evomail

What it is: Evomail, currently available only for iOS (Android is coming soon!), aims to address the myriad of organizational problems for e-mail on mobile devices.  Although not exclusive to handhelds, the founders have focused on addressing particular concerns with smaller screens, which include organization, e-mail volume, and action times.

Why it’s useful:  Evomail uses a familiar swipe gesture to guide you through volumes of e-mail, with the ability to mark messages as complete or delete with a simple motion.  It has all kinds of simple yet extremely useful features that keep inboxes tidy and organized; essential for a busy social networker or marketer.  At the bottom of each message, you can move a message to a folder, mark it as complete, or delete it.  Likewise, you can also tag it as a message you will deal with later — go further by marking later today, tomorrow, or next week.  You can even schedule an exact date and time to respond, and the system will notify you.  There’s loads of customization available, from push notifications to individual signatures per account — if you’re involved in any level of e-mail marketing, Evomail is pure gold.

Tray Helps You Unleash Your Inner Developer

What it isTray enables people of all technical skill levels to create powerful cloud applications on a hosted programming platform.  What this means in layman’s terms is that it brings more context to your business’ communication, by linking your inbox with Web services you commonly use.  Need an example?  You can tell Tray to do the following:

Monitor all incoming phone calls whenever your calendar shows you’re in a meeting;
Check to see if the caller is marked as a critical contact or hot lead;
Immediately send you a text message to alert you of the call;
Forward the call to an assistant or co-worker who can respond.

Why it’s useful:  Tray is completely customizable, allowing you to create scripts to monitor all kinds of communications. This means it will work exactly how you need it to for all manner of scenarios. For example, you can even tell Tray to alert you if an e-mail in your inbox is more than two weeks old and, additionally, it will send a note to the sender asking them to resend the missive if important.  It’s obvious how helpful this would be to marketers who are constantly communicating with the world.

Tray is currently in a private beta, but it is welcoming new beta testers. m that

Broaden Your Brand’s Reach With PopTip

What it isPopTip helps marketers capture and analyze social network activity, providing relevant real-time news.  You can post polls on social networks for instant feedback, or ask your audience pressing questions that can help shape your future campaigns.  PopTip first launched on Twitter than, later this year, launched a Facebook counterpart.

Why it’s useful:  Ultimately, PopTip wants to help brands determine exactly what their customers want to see, hear, and do.  That’s valuable stuff indeed.  The tool lets brand owners ask pivotal questions, and then tracks all responses in a very organized fashion.  It has a unique and intuitive Dashboard that even knows to log responses that are misspelled or use the wrong hashtag.  Once you become a PopTip client, the platform will index every last word that flies across your social channels.  You can flag questions and words that are “PopTippable,” meaning useful to your research, and only see those in your results.  If you’re looking to consolidate your social networking data, PopTip can definitely come to your rescue.

Splash Makes Web Page Development Simple

What it is:  Splash takes the pain and suffering out of splash page creation.  Most marketers are not developers, and Splash addresses our needs by creating an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that can create a gorgeous, fully-functional splash page in very little time.  Splash is most appropriate for product launches, party announcements and corporate events.

Why it’s useful:  If you’re still living in a world where you need an army to generate a splash page that touts a new product launch or event, Splash is a godsend.  For event planners, it features loads more customized abilities, like RSVP and guest list management on steroids.  The tool helps with crucial tasks like pre-launch or pre-event promotions, and connects seamlessly to apps like Google Maps.  And, of course, it’s tied to all the major social networks too, so you can tell the masses about your latest release, product, or event with a few simple clicks.

What new marketing tools or applications can you simply not live without?  Please share the good news in a comment with our gratitude.

Digital producer, game designer, Internet marketer and staff writer for SiteProNews, one of the Web’s foremost webmaster and tech news blogs, Tina Courtney-Brown has been shaping online businesses since 1996.  She’s produced and marketed innovative content for major players like Disney, as well as boutique startups galore, with fortes including social media, SEO, massively multiplayer games, social networks and project management. Tina is also a certified Reiki practitioner, herbalist, nonprofit director and true cooking diva.  Learn more at her personal website, or find her on Facebook and Google+.

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