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How To Be Consistent In Marketing Efforts?

For those of us with seasonal temperatures, the winter months are usually calmer than the others, partly because the weather is so bad. Many of us take the first few months of the year to recuperate from the busy holiday season. Businesses, however, do not have this luxury.

It is perfectly normal for businesses to vamp up their marketing promotions during peak times, but it is imperative that they keep some form of marketing going at all times. As discussed in the video on the left, a business needs some type of continuous presence to put in front of consumers.

By being consistent, the so-called quiet period may not actually be so quiet. Businesses have the opportunity to utilize this time, since so many other businesses neglect it. If a business plans follow up promotions, it could keep a steady relationship with consumers.

Although these promotions would not be as elaborate as the promotions during peak times, they only need to serve as a reminder to consumers. The promotion is there to jog their memory of their previous experience and, hopefully, encourage another one.

Interestingly, PromoDirect offered some tips on this very topic in a blog post earlier this year. It actually recommends that businesses conduct specific marketing efforts on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.

For instance, PromoDirect advises marketers to reach out to customers that really matter once a month. These are the customers that have been loyal to the business, have brought in referrals, and have spread positive word-of-mouth. Contact points are another area that it believes should be addressed monthly to see what these people are doing to really benefit the company.

As for weekly efforts, PromoDirect suggests sending out surveys to customers to find out if they are satisfied with the service, delivery, employees, and other important factors. Also, a business should conduct competitive research on a weekly basis to learn more about what their competitors are doing. All this information will give a business a better understanding about what it should be focusing on to meet its customers’ needs.

On a daily basis, PromoDirect tells marketers to connect with at least one new contact, find someone new to add to their prospect list, and attempt to get to know current customers on a more personal level. These endeavors not only help businesses to gain more clients, but they also help to better reach customers in a personalized manner.

Although these are all very effective tips, a business should understand that it might need to adjust the sequence of efforts to better meet its own goals. For example, what one business needs to do on a monthly basis, another business may only need to do it on a weekly basis. All businesses are different, and need to cater to their own goals and needs.

About the Author:
Abby Johnson is a Video Reporter/Anchor for SmallBusinessNewz.

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