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How to Improve Your Blog With Video

Everyone seems to be interested in video — and more and more people are beginning to use video sharing sites like and In fact, video is becoming more popular all the time. Part of this is also due to improvements in video technology. Where it used to be difficult and expensive to put video on your site, not it’s much easier. Almost every Smartphone is equipped with video capabilities and small high-resolution digital cameras are cheap. Plus, editing tools can even be free if you use open source software.

Just because video is easy, does your blog really need it? That is the question.

Why have video on your blog? For one thing, it adds interest to your blog, giving your visitors a richer experience. By combining images, sound and text you will be able to give your visitors more information, connect to them on a more personal level (eye-to-eye) than ever before. You can find new ways to communicate with your audience when you use video.

But, there are some things to consider when you use video to enhance your blog.

• Place video thoughtfully — If you are blogging for clients, do not turn your blog into a video-only blog or vlog. Many people read your blog at work, or in a place that they cannot always listen to a video. You want as much written material as possible on your blog that attracts the search engines, which then attracts the reader to your website or blog. Video after video will rarely achieve this without the written word. Plus, you don’t want to make visitors sit through video after video as their only option for getting your content. Video should enhance your written content, not replace it entirely.

• Write supporting content — Speaking of the written word, always text post with your videos. A transcript of the video is actually the best way to do it. This way, if a person is not able to view the video they can still capture the knowledge of the words you have written.

•  Insert content after the video, too — First write to explain what the video is about, using keywords. Next insert the video. After the video comes the text transcript of the video. This ensures your blog is not only visually pleasing, but literally is a keyword-rich blog that will attract a lot of traffic.

• Create high-quality video — Do not skimp on creating videos that are of high value and high quality. It’s OK if there are minor issues and bugs, but plan out what to say and use editing software to help you perfect the way it looks. You do not need expensive equipment to produce a professional quality video these days.

• Keep your videos short — Most videos should not be more than three minutes long, with some exceptions (cooking videos, crafting videos, do it yourself videos). In general, if you cannot explain what you want in three minutes, your subject may not be focused enough. Clean up and try to condense it. People have short attention spans and most will lose interest at about three minutes.

• Host elsewhere — At present, the most popular place to host video blogs on YouTube, but there are other places, too. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. YouTube is free, but there are a lot of videos on YouTube, so people may not see yours.  However, you can increase traffic to your blog if someone sees your video on YouTube. You want to find the best balance of user experience, cost, and visibility for your videos and how they are accessed.

Adding video to your blog will give life to an otherwise text-based world, just like adding photos and other images. Remember not to overdo it. Support your video with written content, focus on quality, host your video externally for best user experience and speed, and keep each video short and sweet.

These strategies will help you maximize the value of video on your blog.

Dr. Rachna Jain is the author of Internet Marketing for the Rest of Us: Your In-Depth Guide to Profitable Popularity. She writes at

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