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How To Make Your Blog Popular

Bloggers from all over the globe are trying to find ways to make their blogs the one everyone wants to follow. Believe you me, that is no easy task.

Boring blogs attract little or no traffic. You can add fresh content daily, update and use your blogroll, syndicate the content of the blog with a RSS feed, tag your posts, use search engine optimization or use lots of links and trackbacks but all of that will be useless unless you have created a blog that is eye-catching, unique, crazy or controversial. So bloggers, do you want to know how to make your blog popular?

Blogging gossip

Blog readers love a little bit (or a lot!) of juicy gossip, so tantalize visitors to your blog by adding a little bit of personal information. We all love to know what other people are doing with their lives and we also want to know if their lives are more interesting than ours. Add some funny or slightly risky comments and invite readers to add their comments. When visitors write remarks then answer them and ask them questions, make them realize that you are interested in their lives. Celebrity gossip is always popular, so read up on the latest celeb news and gossip, add your thoughts and wait for others to add their thoughts.

Secret sharing on Blogs

We all have a few skeletons in the cupboard and it does no harm to share a few of your deepest secrets with other bloggers. OK, you don’t want the world to know your business but, in general, blogs have to have pulling power to attract readers. You may have a few hilarious life experiences that you are willing to share with your readers.

Blog A cartoon Strip

Newsprint readers love to follow the daily cartoon strips so if you could create a unique cartoon character and make a daily cartoon strip this may help you to gather regular followers. Sometimes it seems that the world is full of doom and gloom and deep and meaningful conversation, so it is amazing when we read or look at something that is fun. Look at some of the well-known comic strips and see if you can generate some ideas.

Agony Aunt Blogging

If you are a good listener, you could encourage followers to share their problems. We all love reading the problem pages in newspapers, so why not make your blog a place where readers can share their problems. Encourage all contributors to add their thoughts to each and every problem to create on-going blog conversations.

Interview Fellow Bloggers

Read some of the most popular blogs and see if you can arrange to interview those bloggers. If you manage to set up an interview with a popular blogger, post a record of the interview on your blog. Interviewing other bloggers will help you to understand why their blogs attract such a following, naturally it isn’t right to copy their ideas but it may offer you some inspiration.

Free Offers

Everyone loves getting something for nothing. Free downloads can be very tempting. Offer online tools, an eBook or create a free online class. However, if you are going to offer your readers a freebie, make sure the freebie is something good.

Blog About Competitions and Online Freebies

So many of us scour the Internet searching for printout money off coupons, voucher codes, bingo bonuses and free Sim card offers. If we have to look for hours to find these deals then it stands to reason that other Internet users are doing the same. Start adding these deals to your blog and update them on a daily basis – this will attract the bargain hunters to your blog. If you decide to promote special offers, you will need to update the blog daily to stay ahead of other sites.

Ask Other Bloggers for Their Advice

We all love to be asked for advice, so encourage other blog owners to offer you some of their words of wisdom. You may not want to take advantage of all of the advice but it is one way of encouraging others to read what you are writing. Don’t be afraid to make contact with other bloggers. If you read blogs that are particularly great then leave comments that invite answers. You will only make yourself known if you introduce yourself to others.

Obsession-Based Blog Chats

We all have hobbies, interests and obsessions, although some may be easier to chat about than others. It can be fun to compare notes. Loads of us are fascinated with celebrity fashion and plenty of us love to keep up-to-date with what the celebs are wearing. Are you obsessed with shoes or handbags? Do you purchase every new perfume on the market and do you love to chat with other like-minded people? It’s all about finding your niche, so invite any of your blog readers to reveal their obsessions and wait for the chat to start rolling in.

Blog your Weirdest Experience

Let’s face it, we have all had plenty of weird experiences – some have been far weirder than others. If something very bizarre has happened to you and you feel that you can share it with others, why not blog about it? People love hearing about unusual happenings, the weirder they are the better. Back the story up with pictures if you can.

If you really want to know how to make your blog popular, try introducing some of the ideas listed above. Blog readers don’t want to hear about the mundane things in life – they are reading blogs to escape the ordinary.

About the author: Article by Larry Wensley. I am from the U.K. I have been helping people make money on the Internet with blogs and websites. I have a blog full of Internet marketing tips and techniques that can help you become successful online.

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