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Is Series The Key To Success In Online Video?

At the recent Search Engine Strategies conference, Mike McDonald of WebProNews discussed YouTube marketing with Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR, who happened to write a book on that very subject. While, the entirety of Jarboe’s book was not discussed, one key factor was.

To be successful on YouTube, you need to get people to continue watching your videos. That means:

a. You need to have more than one video

b. You need to make your videos interesting enough to make people want to see others

c. You may want to keep your videos short, so viewers don’t have a chance to get bored.

When you keep videos short, it is easier to spread content out among a series of videos. Luckily on YouTube channels, you can easily provide access to all of your videos for your audience’s viewing pleasure.

Some of the most popular YouTube users are ones that put out regular series of videos. Jarboe points to a couple of specific examples in the following video:

He talks about the Blendtec guys, who continuously put things into a blender. Their series has become so popular, Nike has actually paid them for some product placement. He also talks about Lucas Cruikshank, who runs Fred’s Channel, and has 1.4 million YouTubs subscribers.

Jarboe compares YouTube channels to publishing. Think blogging. You have to build an audience, and keep people reading. The same goes for video. You have to build an audience and keep people watching to be successful. One of the most logical ways to keep people watching is to create a series.

About the Author:
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