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Market Your Business with Stop Motion Animations

Things have changed in the online world. A few years ago, article marketing was all the rage and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and gain new business leads. But Google has changed its algorithms one too many times and now video is making a big impact in the marketing world. In this article we will discuss what stop motion animations are and the best way to market your business with them.

What are Stop Motion Animations?

Stop motion animations are videos that are created by using static objects that are made to appear as if they are moving by filming one frame of film at a time. These are often seen in things such as claymation, puppet-based animations or cartoon type videos. This is the latest technique used in video production today and it is possible to create videos online today with the right software at an affordable price.

Why market your business with stop motion animations?

Videos are the perfect way for a company to spread its message and brand awareness virally. Social media sites are more and more popular every day. YouTube alone sees more than two billion fans and there are more than 30 different video sharing sites you can use in your marketing campaigns to get your message out there across the globe.

People love moving pictures! By creating a series of unique stop motion animation videos for your company, you can add novelty to your marketing campaigns and create something that will really be noticed and remembered.

Marketing can be expensive. Most video sharing sites, however, allow you to upload videos for free. Many do not have restrictions on commercial advertising and may even include their own little advertisements at the beginning of each of your movies to ensure they have a means for income generation.

TV advertisements are way too expensive for the average small business owner — only large corporations use these methods today. By marketing with video, you merely have to pay for the cost of a video to be made and then sit back and watch as it goes viral over the Internet once it is uploaded to a number of video sharing sites. Most video sharing sites have an option to share the video with other users so you could find that a good video could spread like wildfire worldwide in a very short time.

Why Should You Use Stop Motion Animation Videos on Your Website?

With the technology used today to create stop motion animation videos, you can use links within your videos to direct your Web visitors to other pages of your site. This will encourage your visitors to stick around longer on your website and will result in better conversions in the long run.

The search engines are showing videos now in the top rankings for specific keywords and often they outrank articles that contain only text. Video is one of the best ways to emphasize key points of your business without people needing to spend time reading through text.

Companies that would like to explain complex concepts to their visitors find that video messages can often be more easily understood than an article. With a mix of both video and text on your website, you can ensure you capture the attention of both those who absorb information better visually and those who prefer to read.

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