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Marketing Success for Busy Entrepreneurs

One of the best aspects about running a virtual company is there are many ways you can continually improve and implement new strategies so you never stop growing. Each year, I spend time thinking about my business and how I’d like the next year to look. I have three big ‘ah-has’ to share with you that will take your marketing to the next level – no matter where you’re at in business.

When I worked these strategies into my business I created more time for myself to implement ideas that brought in additional revenue. We all want to be growing our businesses and support more amazing entrepreneurs or individuals right?

 1. Plan for a Year
During a mastermind retreat I was handed a template that changed the way I looked at my marketing schedule. It opened a new way of thinking, it made it simple.

As you’re looking into the next year, think about the big-ticket items. Fill those into your calendar first. Those launches will take up quite a bit of your marketing calendar – you’ll have a few stages; launch, execute, post launch.

Next, think about your list-building activities. In between your launches, you still need to be building your list. Find fun and engaging ways you can deliver amazing content to your ideal clients.

Now you’ll see how much room is left on your marketing calendar. This can be used for speaking engagements and affiliate or joint venture promotions.

This made my life so much easier. Once you have these big pieces in place, you can plan your content around every piece.

2. Spend Time on Your Business
We’re all so dedicated to taking care of our clients, we sometimes forget how vital it is to dedicate time to growing our business. After you have your marketing plan clearly laid out, you need to spend time implementing and planning.

Talk with your support team about your plan. Be sure everyone knows what they’re responsible for. Consider creating a clear outline somewhere that everyone has access to. I personally love using Google Docs to keep everything in one place. When a team member makes an update I see it in real time – you can even receive an e-mail when anyone updates the document.

Set deadlines. Be sure each task has a deadline and set reminders for yourself. Staying ahead of due dates is always a great thing to strive for. I often get on the phone with team members to check in or review details. With all e-mails we always have flying around, sometimes a good ol’ phone call is the best way to get everyone on the same page.

 3. Have a schedule for the things you don’t like to do
Don’t laugh! I know there are certain tasks that I really dread taking care of and, admittedly, would postpone them if possible. To avoid this, I literally put them on my calendar at a specific time with a time block.

During this time, I close my inbox and don’t answer the phone. This gives me focused time to take care of those not-so-fun tasks. To sweeten the pot a bit, after I complete the task I do something fun. For instance: Having a hot cup of tea while enjoying the mountain view, or taking a break to watch a short training video – something you enjoy that you do not normally make time for.

There you have it: Three ways you can start saving time and seeing results in your business.

• First, plan for the year ahead and really create a visual for yourself so you see what’s coming up for your business.
• Second, spend time on your business not just in your business. Make things happen.
• Third, think about all those tasks that make your roll your eyes, you know what they are already. Put them on your calendar and get them done quickly so you can move onto the fun things.

About the author: Erin Tillotson, The Social Media Phoenix, has proven a step-by-step system to stop being invisible online for heart-centered entrepreneurs to ignite their social media. To get your copy of her Three Expert Strategies visit

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