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Monetizing Your Blog: Four Ways to Make Some Dough While Doing What You Love

Everyone has something they are truly passionate about, and thanks to blogging, many people are sharing their passion with the world. What is it that you love more than anything else? Crafting? Decorating? Being a parent? Cooking? Traveling? Fashion? Whether you are a professional in a particular field, or you simply have a hobby that you love (borderline obsession, perhaps?), you can share your knowledge and passion about a topic through a blog.

While many people blog as a hobby and because they want to share their enthusiasm about a particular subject, with some effort, a blog can be turned into a money-making machine. That’s right: You can actually earn money by sharing information about something you truly love with others on the Internet. But how can you earn money blogging? It’s called “monetization.”

Monetizing a blog means that you add features allowing you to make money from it. Simple enough, right?

And believe it or not, there are several ways you can monetize your blog. Interested in learning how? Keep on reading and decide which monetization method (or methods) will work with you and your blog.

Offer Products and Services
One of the most obvious ways to monetize a blog is to sell products or services through it. For example, if you are an experienced Internet marketer or writer, you may offer coaching services to teach others about Internet marketing or how to hone their writing skills.

You are free to charge any fee you think is appropriate. Set up a way for readers to make a payment through your blog with PayPal or another payment processor, and with the click of a button, your readers can become customers who purchase your services.

Become an Affiliate
As an affiliate, you would promote products that other companies sell on your blog. The way it works is pretty simple. You promote products related to the niche your blog is in — baby products if your blog is in the parenting niche, and clothing if you’re in the fashion niche. As your readers see the products, click on them, and purchase them, you earn a commission for the sale. Some affiliate programs offer as much as a 70 percent commission. That can translate into some pretty impressive money in your pocket.

Sell Advertising Space
If you have a high-ranking blog, you can make money selling advertising space on it. Other blog and website owners can advertise their business on your blog so they can attract a larger audience. You sell the advertising space, put up the advertisement, and the blog or website owner pays you for this service.

Sell eBooks
While you may not think of yourself as an author, you are. You already write posts on your blog, so why not take advantage of your knack for writing and author an eBook? Write a guide or an informative piece that relates to your blog (decorating tips if your blog is about decorating, for example). Publish the eBook and sell it through your blog.

While blogging may be your passion, you can easily turn it into a way to make some pretty significant money, thanks to monetization.

How do you make money off of your own blog—are there any methods that we missed? Share your thoughts on blog monetization in the comments section below!

Bridget Galbreath is a writer who is well versed on a variety of topics and enjoys profiling businesses such as Bluegreen Resorts.

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