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Periscope – The Future Of Live Streaming

Periscope is about to hit app users hard, the video selfie app has taken off, out rivaling competitor Meerkat.

The app is designed to create live streaming for audiences in every country. “Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the world. Going live will instantly notify Twitter followers who can join, comment and send hearts in real time.” explains the app store listing.

Although live streaming has been around for a couple of years now , the thirst for live streaming has only really taken off in 2015. Twitter has seen this recent interest, buying Periscope for a reported $100 million, in January this year.

We have been researching and testing the app in the WNW Digital office, read on for our summary on the new video streaming app.

Although both apps offer the same functions there are differences; users of Periscope are able to choose between streaming to the public or just for private use, unlike Meerkat where the streams are live and then disappear. Periscope can also save streams so that they can be replayed within 24 hours after the broadcaster has finished. Meerkat was built within 8 weeks where as periscope was built in a year, this difference is huge on both apps as you can tell from Periscope’s usability and design that they have worked hard to create a sleek design for the app.

Another unique feature of Periscope is when the audience watching the live streams , tap the screen , hearts automatically appear. This heart feature lets the person recording know that the audience is appreciating the live stream. Another feature is that users can comment in real time, this means that the audience is able to connect with others a lot more than with the Meerkat app.

Many of the videos on both Periscope and Meerkat will be mundane as anyone can put up a live stream. However for the celebrity vloggers that have emerged from the YouTube world this will be a perfect opportunity for them to talk to their fan bases. This week astoundingly American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres was watching people from Exmouth make a cappuccino at local coffee bar Spoken. Despite this apps current low level awareness at the moment the ability of Periscope to connect with a worldwide audience suggests that this app is definitely one to watch. However Android users sadly will not be able to get this app as it is only available on IOS but both Periscope and Meerkat are planning to release an app for these users in the next few months.

IOS users can download the app here

Written by Emily Roberts who has joined our team on Work Experience this week.

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