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System Administration And Social Media Trends

It seems like just about every online thing is becoming “social” these days; Google Reader tries to recommend users’ lists to each other, blogs utilize Facebook Connect, and even quotes Twitter users. Which sort of raises the question of whether social networking features could make system administrators’ lives easier.

Online forums have long proven immensely useful; there’s all sorts of information about cars, guns, and, well, everything floating around out there. Twitter and Facebook can be handy in a similar fashion while allowing people to provide even more immediate responses.

So when John Gannon considered the issue around the start of the new year, he concluded that making system administration more social might be a good idea, and wrote, “One way . . . would be to bake social networking features into the system administrators toolkit.”

Gannon then put forward the idea(s) of a Web browser plugin, plugins to extensible management systems, and open source monitoring with social extensions as ways of pulling off the integration.

So long as system administrators wouldn’t get too distracted as a result – Twitter’s not known for being too professional, and forum threads can include pages of crazy cat photos – those could turn out to be excellent concepts.

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