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The Psychology Behind Your Social Media Posts

You might have previously seen my blog entry regarding the psychology behind web design. In this instalment we shall look beyond web design and take a more specific look at the psychology of your social media posts and how the way you use your social media channels can alter your business success. According to Wikipedia Media psychology involves “How people perceive, interpret, respond and interact in a media rich world.”

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Therefore, managing your social media is not a simple process, in reality there is a formula behind creating successful social media posts, particularly as we live in a fast paced environment in which people do not have the time to read through in depth complicated content. Instead users seek eye, catching, interesting and often visually attractive content. Follow these steps to stand the best chance of social media success.

Understand your customers needs

Before you start posting on social media think about why your customers might be following your Facebook page for example. What are they interested in about your business? What will be relevant to them? What type of content will keep them coming back to find out more. You really need to spend some time working out who your target audience primarily is and what they are interested in etc.? For example if you are running a garage, a post about what you had for breakfast will be very irrelevant, whereas if you were a chef this would be exactly the type of content you should be producing. Once you have built up a general customer profile you will be able to start targeting your posts and making them more relevant.

Offer something that will keep your customers coming back

Social media is the perfect place to build your brand awareness. A great way of keeping your customers interested and reminding them that your business exists is by running a social media competition or a discount offer that will attract their attention. By doing this you can toy with your customers emotions, make them feel like they need this product or service that you are offering in their lives. Make it easy for them to enter this competition, for example like and share status competitions are perfect for this.

Not only will this promote your business in a positive manner to your existing clientèle but it could also offer the opportunity to increase your brand awareness. You can encourage your Facebook fans for example to like and share either a status or image that you have specifically created in order to be in with a chance of winning something. This message / competition will then be showed and visible to the friends of users that share or like the image. This immediately increases the reach in which your social media posts can be seen and is additionally a great way of engaging with your audience.

Post in real time

On some social media sites where perhaps there is not such a need to post more than a couple of times a day it is handy to know that you can schedule your posts in advance so that you don’t have to keep manually posting new status’s throughout the day. As an exception to this, although social media management programmes like Hootsuite allow for you to schedule posts in advance, when using twitter you need to be aware that this social channel is particularly fast paced and therefore it requires a greater level of interaction and engagement in real time.

Therefore twitter followers would expect you to post frequently throughout the day with perhaps some reference to things that are happening in the here and now, which will ultimately be keeping your twitter account fresh and updated with new and exciting content. When posting in real time for example perhaps tweeting about a live event that is taking place or some breaking news that you have just heard, you are allowing for your customers to relate to what you are tweeting about which will ultimately form a connection between your business and customers. In addition to this if your customers can see that what you are tweeting about is relevant and interesting they are more likely to pay more attention to and credit you.

There are lots of other factors that are intrinsic to social media success, however if you get these fundamental steps right from the onset you will be on the right track.

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