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Three Benefits of Video Marketing

We’re living in a digital world. Internet, mobile websites, social media, videos and the list goes on. With consumers need for speed, Smartphones are flying off the shelves. Enter the age of video marketing.

In fact, Mari Smith, the Facebook marketing expert, has dubbed “2013 The Year of the Video.”

Video marketing is simply a technique for using videos to market your new products, new services and even new companies. In fact, video and online marketing is considered one of the most influential tools for promoting sales and advertising, regardless of your business niche.

So what are some of the benefits to video marketing

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) = Higher Rankings
Looking for a way to get higher SEO rankings? Forrester-conducted research found webpages featuring a video are 50 percent more likely to appear on the first page of Google.

This means your site is ranked higher and, therefore, will be found faster which may increase your business leads and, ultimately, help you gain new prospects.

More Conversions
The goal of marketing is to acquire some type of conversion. Whether you use a landing page, a sales or products page, webinar, teleseminar, or an e-mail, if it contains a video the conversion rate will be as much as 25 percent higher than a promotional item without a video. A higher conversion rate is reason enough to use videos.

More E-mails Opened
Want more of your e-mails opened? Studies have shown subject lines that contain the word “video” are more likely to be opened — two to three times more, in fact.

Not all e-mail programs are compatible with videos. To work around this, capture a picture of your video and insert it into your e-mail message. Then include the link to your actual video — it could be a webinar/teleseminar or live event. When your viewer clicks on the link, he or she will be taken directly to your video.

These are just three of the many benefits associated with using video.

Don’t be left out.

About the author: Livvie Matthews provides social media training, management and coaching solutions to businesses for in-house or outsourcing their social media programs. She is passionate about helping service professionals learn to draw clients into their space using the incredible power of social media and Internet marketing. E-mail Visit: http://www.SimpleSocialMedia.TV

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