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Web Industry Trends at AdTech Expo

This week saw Earls Court host the AdTech Show 2009, which WNW Design attended to bring back news of the market trends and what’s happening in the industry.

Whilst attendance and exhibitor activity showed no signs of recession, a closer look gave tell-tell signs of the current situation. New and ground breaking products were thin on the ground. Working smarter and maximising return on investment were very much the recurring themes of the show.

Drilling down into user data and understanding your customers and their needs better was the key focus. Developing ways to use your email marketing to reach your target market specifically, rather than using the traditional “scattergun approach” was much in evidence.

“Monetize your website” was the catchphrase of the show for a second year running. (Find ways to earn money from your website, to translate the jargon.)

Where the market was looking ahead, the growth of smart phones, such as the iPhone, where you can browse the web, download applications, check email etc, was identified as a key area. This sector is starting to have real market penetration and not just in the 18 -25 age group.

Age groups from 18 to 55 years are serious users in the smart phone market, especially amongst the educated 25+ group. Big business is investing heavily in this technology, and where they lead the SME will soon follow.

Another area to watch is video (excuse the pun), which is beginning to have real impact. Whether as content to interact with your customers, viral campaigns to build brand and or web traffic, or video adverts placed on your website to “monetize the website,” video will continue to develop online, especially when linked to faster smart phone speeds.

“The Cloud” was also a hot topic for discussion. This is where software and data are not contained in the computer under your desk but are accessed remotely from servers held “in the cloud.”

The great advantage of cloud technology is that you pay only for what you use. Capacity, extra users, new services etc can be added and removed quickly and effectively.

For example if you currently have 9 employees many software bundles would make it cheaper to buy a 10 user license, but you are paying for one you don’t want. Take on 2 new employees and suddenly you are one license short.
With “The Cloud” you would pay per user and could add or remove users, as required.

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