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What To Look For In The SharePoint 2010 Upgrade

ComputerWorld has just concerning the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 beta. For those who have been on the fence as to whether or not SharePoint 2010 would be worth the upgrade, your answer can be found here. Let’s go through the changes found in SharePoint 2010.

When first utilizing SharePoint 2010, the first thing you might notice is the improvement in support of SharePoint. Visual Studio 2010 will support an ample amount of projects from SharePoint. Debug code from Visual Studio will also be available wtih SharePoint as well. Site design will be an option using SharePoint Designer, and will function on a professional and non-programmer level.

Along with site design, applications are going to be simplified allowing a greater number of people to take advantage of SharePoint. .Net, REST, XML, and Java are all examples of various programming languages that SharePoint users will be able to tie into their applications.

An upgrade which is sure to have some users cringing is the decision to make SharePoint 64-bit. In order to use SharePoint 2010, you’ll have to be using Windows Server 2008 64-bit. A 64-bit version of SQL server is also required.

Perhaps the most important bit of information is something that is still a mystery — price. Microsoft has still yet to provide a pricing point for SharePoint 2010. If looking at the past provides any indication, then SharePoint 2010 looks to be affordable.

Martin Heller, of ComputerWorld provides a straightforward response to SharePoint 2010’s HTML Editor, “The online HTML editor in SharePoint 2007 was weak by any measure, and at least one third-party ISV had a nice business selling a better SharePoint edit control. The online editor in SharePoint 2010 is not just improved, it is by far the best Web-based WYSIWYG editor I’ve seen. It faithfully brings the experience of editing with Microsoft Word to the Web, complete with live previews.”

Microsoft might be demanding in requiring 64-bit, however they’ve expanded compatibility when it comes to web based programs. Instead of just providing Microsoft Office, SharePoint 2010 will bring a web based Excel, Word, PowerPoint and One Note.

As a System Admin, you might not be using everything SharePoint provides. However, being a collection of products and services, you could find yourself in need of one or two inclusions. The decision about whether or not to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 comes down to necessity and price. If the cost is in your range, it might bode well to upgrade upon release.

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