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WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up – 25th April 2014

This week we have read some great blog entries, see our favourites here! Topics include; web design, marketing, ecommerce and analytics…

Every Happy Status Update You Post On Facebook Triggers Another 1.75 Happy Posts. So What For Marketing? This entry takes a look at the psychology behind your social media posts.

10 Things You Should Not Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Recognises the fundamental importance that digital marketing now has to any business development.

5 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Revenues – An American blog entry that covers the importance of Ecommerce and how you can work to improving your online sales.

Understanding multi-device user behaviour in a single view– For those of your brave enough to delve into analytics, this blog entry provides great guidance in viewing data in one single reporting view.

How Your Company Colours Affect the Performance of Your Website – It’s time to consider the psychology in your web design by looking at influence colour has on an individual.

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