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WNW Digital Blog - Page 190

24 Essential Pages to include on Your Website

Wondering what pages to include on your website and why? Here is a list of important information that should be included on your site. Before you start thinking about what to write, it is important that you create a plan, which outlines what each page will contain. That way you won’t repeat yourself or forget […]

How to Use Web Analytics to Grow Your Business

If you own a business, chances are you do. But don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. By now it’s widely-accepted that if you have a business card you should probably have a website. It doesn’t matter what your company is selling – a website, however modest, has become a standard. The real question […]

Key Differences Among the Most Commonly Used Keyword Suggestion Tools – Part One

Rigid, unchanging procedures threaten any business activity. With Internet-enabled and -related enterprises, keeping up with technological progress is absolutely essential to survival. As opposed to static (unchanging) websites that are not looking to strengthen or raise their industry share, any dynamic (changing) website will have new copy, even new strategies, on an ongoing basis. Regular, […]

Blogging Hits Crossroads: A-Listers Giving Up

An old colleague of mine used to joke he was one of millions whose job it was to “feed the internet.” This past November, an alumnus of a prestigious writing program in Louisville, Ky. told soon-to-be-alumni his blogging career was short-lived because, like a bad girlfriend, his blog constantly needed him. Those heralded A-listers we […]

7 Basics of Good Web Design

Whether you are just starting a web design project, looking at revamping an existing site, or just wanting to double check the usability of your current web site you should consider these 7 Basics of Good Web Design. These basics are aimed at new visitors/customers; your repeat customers will be judging your web site on […]

10 Steps to Testing the Viability of Your Online Business Idea That Won't Break the Bank

The economic recession is pushing more and more people to consider self-employment. Starting an online business is a very low-risk way to put your toe in the entrepreneurial pond because the start up costs are minimal, the overhead is low, and the returns can be high. Despite these benefits, however, an online business is just […]

SCM Software Aids System Administrators

Perforce Software has released version 2008.2 of its Software Configuration Management system (SCM), with enhancements to improve developer productivity and facilitate system administration. Perforce 2008.2 makes it easier for system administrators to monitor SCM operations. New dashboard widgets give more complete information at a glance including the amount of disk space being used, interactive user […]

Yahoo To Start Keeping Tabs On Your Searches

I spoke with some people from Yahoo including Tom Chi, Senior Director of Product Management for Yahoo Search, about the new feature, Search Pad. Essentially, it keeps track of your searches, figures out when you are researching things, & stores results of interest in a virtual notepad you can use for reference. The following clip […]

Seven Words That Will Make Your Website Worth Viewing

Seven. It’s just a number like any other, but it does seem to come up on a fairly regular basis. There’s the Seven Wonders of the World, The Seven Deadly Sins, and the Seven Dwarfs: Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Doc, Dopey, and my personal favorite, Grumpy. Phone numbers are seven digits, and they say the […]

Search Engine Optimization and the Three-way Benefit

Who benefits from using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Everyone. Let me explain. It can be easy for business owners to look at SEO as an attractive means of improving their position with search engines. This can be a great long-term strategy that really works well for online business, but the benefits don’t stop there. Your […]

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