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WNW Digital Blog - Page 296

Yahoo Implements DomainKeys In Its Mail Service

Yahoo Inc.’s e-mail service will use the company’s DomainKeys authentication technology starting Monday, almost a year after Yahoo first unveiled this anti-spam project. “This is a really big milestone for us, because with this authentication solution in place, we’re increasing protection from ID (identification) theft and phishing,” said Terrell Karlsten, a Yahoo spokeswoman. DomainKeys attempts […]

Firefox 1.0 Renews Interest in the Browser

By Trevor Zion Bauknight The Mozilla folks, with apologies to the Monty Python gang, aren’t quite dead yet. They feel happy. They think they’ll go for a walk. What they’ve done is take advantage of the frustration many people (particularly Windows users) are feeling with the condition of their web browsing experience by releasing Firefox […]

Reciprocal Linking Etiquette

By Neil Payne Reciprocal linking is of great importance to website owners who wish to achieve good rankings on the major search engines. As a result the internet has witnessed a growth in ‘link’ sites where webmasters can find potential reciprocal link partners. In addition, webmasters are trawling the internet looking for link partners that […]

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

There is perhaps no more level playing field in business than the Internet. It is this fact that has created millionaires from paupers. The amount of monëy that can be made depends of course on your industry and your products and/or services but to be sure, if it can be sold at all, it can […]

MSN Does Not Steal Google Results to Seed New Index

Rumorville, conspiracy theory, and over speculation results in crazed forum discussion and a possible slashdot mentioning. Jason Dowdell, someone I have spoken with often for about a year now, published a blog entry named , which caused major forum craze. Jason’s blog entry was republished at WebProNews and also reprinted in the WebProWorld forum. I […]

Google Tops Fifty Billion Market Cap With Innovation Yahoo See, Yahoo Buy Strategy Makes Them Number Two

By Mike Banks Valentine (c) Oct. 26, 2004 Google market value has topped $50B, so currently they’re worth more in dollar value than Yahoo. That goes right in line with being worth more in search value and relevance. (CBS MarketWatch) I’ve written before that Yahoo has their fingers in so many pies that they don’t […]

Google Launches Additional Tools For AdWords Clients

Google has announced the launch of some new AdWords tools designed to assist webmasters and search engine marketers in creating successful ad campaigns. The program, called Google Advertising Professionals, was “designed for professionals who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts, the Google Advertising Professionals program can help you become a more […]

What are Blogs, and Why Your Business Should Use One

By Richard Zwicky A few weeks ago I was involved in a very strange conversation with some pretty bright people. One publishes a widely circulated industry magazine, another was an industry consultant, and the last was the CEO of a major corporation in the same industry. I’m not sure how the conversation evolved, but towards […]

The Value of Links and Targeted Link Text

By Phil Craven A wander around the various search engine optimization forums reveals that people are divided into two groups as to how search engines rank web pages. One group insists that “content is king”, and the other insists that “link text is king”. The ‘content’ group recommend adding good quality, on-topic, optimized, content pages […]

Microsoft Crawling Google Results For New Search Engine?

I was questioned today by a developer who was watching a particular IP address scan his site. The IP was and is registered to Microsoft Corp. located at One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington 98052. This visitor was not sending the normal header information associated with a crawler to the web server such as an […]

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