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WNW Digital Blog - Page 297

Ad Placement: You're Getting Warmer

Advertisement drives the revenue of the Internet industry. Learning about the science associated with successful ad campaigns can only benefit you and your site. With this in mind, a study performed by Eyetrack III attempted to determine which sections of a webpage the human eyes focus. Eyetrack accomplished this by creating mock pages containing text […]

The Blog Marketing Explosion

There are literally thousands of blogs by eBusiness insiders. This has changed the landscape of guerrilla marketing. At first it was seen as just something cool to do … but blogs are now being used to build personal and corporate credibility that will eventually attract customers (they hope!). Are Blogs a marketing goldmine? Discuss at […]

How Yahoo's Recent Facelift Can Mean More Traffic To Your Site

By Tinu Abayomi-Paul It even surprised me. Yes, even though I have been pointing out the possibility since July, and was forced by demand to release my study findings before my book was even half finished, I was shocked when I heard the news as well. You see, I was sure we were at least […]

In Defense Of DMOZ

Last week, WebProNews featured an article concerning the submission/approval process of the Open Directory Project, DMOZ. Featured in the article were comments from various forums about negative experiences people had while waiting for their site to be accepted or denied. After the article was posted, there were immediate reactions, pro and con, concerning DMOZ, editors, […]

WNW Design – Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation Blog Launched

Dear Visitor, Welcome to the new WNW Design blog. If you are not aware what a blog is, visit this link, where you will find definitions for the phrase ‘blog’. In this blog we will be featuring articles about WNW Design Ltd as a company, industry related news articles about web design and SEO (Search […]

Google Results Vs Yahoo Results

According to a Nielsen//Netratings study, Google holds the top spot for search engine destinations. However, if you take a closer look at N//N’s findings, you see that Yahoo and MSN share the second and third positions, respectively. Because MSN search is still using Overture to serve their search results more people are vicariously using the […]

Professional Website Do's and Don'ts

Do’s and Don’ts of a Professional Website A professional website is, above all else, professional. What constitutes professional though? This question has been asked by many, and the answers are as varied as those asking the question. There are at least a hundred or more possible aspects to consider, some consisting of parts of others, […]

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