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WNW Digital Blog - Page 298

Microsoft to launch search engine

SEATTLE – Microsoft will later today launch its long-promised internet search engine, which will compete directly with market leader Google, sources close to the company have said. The world’s largest software maker had promised to enter the search market with its own technology by the end of the year, as it seeks to attract more […]

New Trend – RSS Advertising

With XML and RSS being thoroughly embraced by the web community, capitalizing financially from content syndication is the next logical step. In what would seemingly follow the format, Yahoo has announced that they are planning on offering an advertising service that will allow for sponsored links to be placed within syndication feeds. With RSS […]

The Googlebot Assault Continues

Now that the long-awaited PR update has come and gone, there are reports of the Google’s indexing spider continuing to perform comprehensive site scans. Recently, WebProNews ran an article discussing these types of scans and the majority of the speculation pointed towards the upcoming PR update. Now that this quarter’s update is complete, why is […]

Blogging For PR

“Blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations.” That line was taken from one of my favorite blogs and I couldn’t agree more. Have blogs been effective in providing your business PR? Please provide your comments, experiences, and tips to help others in utilizing blogs to gain business. We’ve started a thread […]

Google Launches Froogle UK

Google has launched a UK beta version of it’s shopping search tool called “Froogle” that the company claims is the most comprehensive product search engine available on the web. Visit Froogle UK here. Searches are done by use of keywords (as with normal Google serches) and results are limited to one product per store. Each […]

Web Ads: Branding Trumps Clicks

Internet advertising is often thought of as direct marketing, unlike magazine ads. Of course, this concept makes zero sense and advertisers are finally beginning to come to terms with this reality. Gives your thoughts and experiences with the effects of branding in Internet advertising. It’s not just about clicks and immediate response, it’s about noticing […]

WNW Design On Google

Here is a link to Google showing where WNW Design currently features for the search phrase ‘web design devon’. Google Search: web design devon This was added using the bookmarklet function of the WNW Design blog.

Ad Placement: You're Getting Warmer

Advertisement drives the revenue of the Internet industry. Learning about the science associated with successful ad campaigns can only benefit you and your site. With this in mind, a study performed by Eyetrack III attempted to determine which sections of a webpage the human eyes focus. Eyetrack accomplished this by creating mock pages containing text […]

The Blog Marketing Explosion

There are literally thousands of blogs by eBusiness insiders. This has changed the landscape of guerrilla marketing. At first it was seen as just something cool to do … but blogs are now being used to build personal and corporate credibility that will eventually attract customers (they hope!). Are Blogs a marketing goldmine? Discuss at […]

How Yahoo's Recent Facelift Can Mean More Traffic To Your Site

By Tinu Abayomi-Paul It even surprised me. Yes, even though I have been pointing out the possibility since July, and was forced by demand to release my study findings before my book was even half finished, I was shocked when I heard the news as well. You see, I was sure we were at least […]