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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Are you ready?

Black Friday is another American holiday that has ebbed its way into the UK and has gained popularity with Brits in recent years. For those who do not know, Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving where there are numerous and large discounts on many products in-store and online. The sales are the US […]

WNW Digital Builds CDS Diesels Website

WNW Digital has recently launched a new website for CDS Diesels. The site’s clean design and simple navigation allows customers to easily search the catalogue by product category as well as popularity, price and age of product. Each product page has a unique enquiry form which makes obtaining information about certain products very simple for […]

digital marketing competitors

Competitor Benchmarking – Digital Marketing

In last week’s blog post – which you can read about here – we presented 5 steps to help you develop your business through the use of digital marketing. Today we are going to look further at Step 2: Know Your Competition. As mentioned last week, you should be aware of what your competitors are doing. […]

WNW Digital Launches New Website for Winning Tenders

WNW Digital has recently built a new website for Winning Tenders. The website is content rich with several website pages, embedded YouTube videos and images. A scrolling header image makes the homepage eye-catching and interesting. There is a built in blog which both benefits the company’s search engine optimisation, as well as updating their clients […]

5 Steps to Develop Your Business with Digital Marketing

We take you through the basics to developing your brand and strategy using digital marketing as a platform to market your business. Work out who you are Before you look at developing your business, you first need to define who you are as a brand – who are you and what do you stand for? […]

WNW Digital Launch Website Rebuild for Exmouth Bed and Pine

WNW Digital has just launched a new website for Exmouth Bed and Pine.The website rebuild caters for their e-commerce needs, and functions fluidly across mobile and desktop platforms. The layout allows for easy navigation around the site, with numerous product categories under the ‘shop’ tab for customers to search in to find their perfect furnishings. […]

Mobile Marketing – How Social Media Can Help Your Business

Mobile usage is always on the rise, and is becoming the sole browsing device for many people in the UK. Daily usage of tablets and mobile devices, particularly during commuting hours, provides companies with a prime opportunity to reach their target markets. Many mobile devices users participate in several micro-sessions that add up to almost […]

Less is More – Top Content Production Advice

Overloading your social media and blogs with copious numbers of articles and posts will just become white noise to your audience. As a result, any key messages that you specifically want your target market to see will just be ignored. It is important for businesses to remember the classic phrase “quality over quantity”, so that […]

#Are #Hashtags #a #Waste #of #Time?

23 million of Twitter’s monthly active users are bots, which are technically not active accounts. As a result of this, many notifications that your profile receives are not genuine, meaning that your reach is not as great as you may have originally thought. Advice from Ryan McCready at Vennage, suggests scrapping the hashtags to avoid […]

Verify Your Business With Google

There are many online marketing strategies designed to help your business achieve maximum visibility online. From Search Engine Optimisation (making your business appear in Google listings for specific keywords) to PPC (Pay per click) to social media marketing. All of these simple strategies can help your business be found by users searching for you. However, […]

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