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What are the Benefits of Using Ad Extensions in Paid Search?

Ad Extensions in Google AdWords are a great way to provide additional information to your prospective customers. More detailed information encourages more relevant clicks and will boost your conversion rate as a result. This is a free tool that Google encourages the use of because the more information you add, the bigger the advert will be, giving you more visibility in the results pages.

google adwords

There are various extensions that you can add such as site links, phone numbers, structured snippets, callouts with special offers and deals, locations and reviews. Each extension can provide valuable information to your prospects but be sure to only enable the ones that are applicable to your business to ensure the most relevant click-throughs.

In the below example, the Digital Marketing Institute has used site link extensions to demonstrate their available courses.

ad extensions example

They also make use of a drop down feature which gives the courses, the level at which they operate and the prices of each one.

ad extension drop down example

We have come up with some tips for your own ad extensions below:

Re-Work Old Ads

It might be tempting to just tweak your old ads and carry on using what you know was working for your business before but it really helps to re-work the copy and come up with something new. You now have space to sell the benefits of your products or services so make the most of it.

We would, however, recommend that you do not turn off your old ads straight away just in case they do not perform as well to start with, leading us on to our next point…

Test and Measure

Like your existing ads without extensions, your extended ads will take some testing and measuring to work out the most successful combination of tactics for your business. You are able to see statistics on the performance of your ads such as who clicked through and which section they clicked on. You can then review these figures and determine what works best, and where to focus future efforts.

Think About Your Sitelinks

Sitelinks are a really great extension and they are very simple to use. You should be using different sitelinks for different ad groups. To do this, you’ll need to plan your ads and sitelinks around some select keywords. Doing this will increase the relevancy of your ads and hopefully increase your click-through rate as a result.

Include Testimonials

Including testimonials or case studies in your ad campaigns is a great way to demonstrate to your prospects that people are already using and loving your products or services. Reviews improve the credibility of what you’re offering and many people will see them as an alternative to a personal recommendation.

For more information about Ad Extensions in Google Ad Words, contact WNW Digital today.
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