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Google AdWords Reports – A Breakdown Of Your Report

If we are managing your Google AdWords accounts, you will be receiving monthly AdWords reporting from us via email. We have broken down the reports in this blog so that you can see just what each element means – don’t hesitate to call us if you want these reports explained in person too and then refer to this blog as a reminder when you need to check a definition or explanation.


Clicks are simply the amount of people that have clicked on your advert. So if you have 212 clicks on your report, it means that 212 people have clicked on your advert and have been taken to your website.

Clicks 2

Advert Views

The advert views, shows how many times your advert has appeared when someone has searched for something on Google or the Google Display Network. So if your advert views are at 1,000 and you’re wondering why your website clicks is lower, it’s because the advert appeared in the search result /pages for the user, but was not clicked on.

Ad Views 2

Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate is the ratio that shows how often people who see you advert click it. Simply, your CTR is the amount of clicks divided by your number of impressions that your advert has received.


Cost Per Click

The cost per click for your advert is an average of the final amount that you’ve been charged each time someone has clicked on your advert. You’re often charged less than your maximum CPC bid, so the lower the cost per click, the better your advert is performing.

Cost Per Click 2


Simply the amount you have paid to Google for this month’s campaign. You always pay these funds directly to Google from your business card, not through us, so if you need invoices for these payments just let us know and we can get these from your Google AdWords account and send them to you monthly.

Spend 2


The graph shows every day of the month, and each blip in the graph shows when a conversion has been registered.

The box underneath your conversions table will specify what conversions we are tracking for your particular AdWords campaign:

If the box says Online Sales then we are tracking clicks that turn into sales on your website. 4 conversions means that you’ve had 4 online sales through the paid adverts.

If the box says Phone Calls this means we are tracking the number of phone calls your company is receiving. We use software from a company called Infinity to monitor if your phone caller has come through the advert on Google and called from the website page.

If the box says Emails/Enquiry Forms then we are monitoring the visitors who come through your advertisement and end up emailing or filling out an enquiry form from a page on your website.

Conversions 2

Status & Plan

The status and plan section is an overview of your campaign for that month and how the adverts have performed. We then look at what we can target for the next campaign, so if you have had a campaign that has performed brilliantly, we will look to build on this and expand it so we can continue the success. Similarly, if a campaign has under-performed, we will look at the reasons why and how we can amend that for the next month.

Status 2

If you have any further questions or queries regarding your report, please contact the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital and we will be happy to help.

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