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Get an A* In Google Ads – Best Practices for Your Account

Google Ads is a sure fire way to get your business in front of an audience who are actively looking for your product, but this doesn’t come without work. There are definitely some good habits you can get into when running your ads which will help you reach the top.

We will also be giving you an insight on what the best practices for SEO are in our next blog post out later this week. Make sure you’re following us on social media to hear as soon as it is live!

Specific Ad Groups

It is not uncommon for people to compile all of your keywords into one ad group when you create your campaign, but this is doing much more harm than good.

You need to create themed and specific ad groups to split your keywords into, have no more than 5 relevant keywords in each group.

This will help to increase your quality score which will aid in your ad ranking process from Google. In addition to this, it allows you to write the most relevant and informative ad copy for each set of search terms.

Utilise Ad Extensions

When you include ad extensions, it makes each of your ads much more prominent because they’re taking up more space in the search results. This will draw the users’ eye to your ads.

Some of these can be auto-generated by Google and others you can create manually – use as many extensions as you can while ensuring they’re all relevant to your ads.

Another benefit is the increased amount of information that is available to your audience; this will help them in deciding to click through to your site and convert. Linked to this, they will aid in your quality score as a higher Click Through Rate really benefits this.

Track Conversions

This isn’t even a ‘best practice’ for Google Ads; it’s a must!

If you are not tracking your conversions, how will you work out your ROI? Or, how will you monitor your progress?

It is essential in improving your campaign and ensuring that this marketing method is working for your business.

Google Ads offer a free call tracking service for all ad accounts; this will track how many people call from your website when they have clicked through from an ad, as well as what ad and keyword they used (this service normally costs you at least £65 per month).

You are also able to pull your goals in from Analytics to track these as Ad conversions. There is no excuse not to track your conversions when Google Ads make it so easy for you!


Remarketing is an extremely useful tool available to Google Ad accounts, it allows you to target ads to the people who have previously visited your website but not converted.

Targeting this audience can boost your conversion rate massively and target people who you may not be able to target in any other way.

If you’re not running remarketing, you need to start it right now! It takes very little management so will not take your attention away from your main search campaigns.

We love Google Ads, and it is one of the services which we recommend the most to our clients because of the proven results and success.

If you are interested in starting Google Ads for your business or you just want to know a little bit more about this platform, get in touch with our team today!

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