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Wrap Up Your Google Ads Now Ready for Christmas

We know, we know, you don’t want to think about Christmas yet! It’s only the beginning of October, but as business owners, that means that we need to start planning our Christmas marketing!

Google Ads are a trusted and well-known form of marketing which many businesses use all year round, but are you adjusting your campaigns for Christmas?

Here is our guide to getting your Google Ads ready for the festive season now, so that you can focus on the important things come December, like your own Christmas shopping!

Seasonal Keywords

Seasonal keywords are terms and phrases that increase in demand at a certain time of the year, and in our case it’s Christmas.

Christmas keywords usually revolve around the phrases of “gifting” or recipient “ideas”.

In order to evaluate which keywords and phrases are popular over the festive period, you can do targeted keyword research.

Using the keyword planner tool in Google Ads, you can set the date period of the previous year and search the keywords and phrases to gauge how popular they are over a festive period. Set the dates for November and December to get the most useful information.

When researching keywords, think about the relevancy of your products or services to a wide audience, but also think about who your “recipient” will be.

Would it be for someone’s daughter? Or maybe it’s affordable enough for a child to buy for their mum or dad? Use this recipient in your keywords.

To get ahead in your keywords, brainstorm what negative keywords you may want to use. This could be a price point which isn’t relevant to you, a location or a recipient of your product.

Make Your Landing Page Jolly

Your landing page is arguably the most important part of your Google Ads campaign; this is what is going to persuade people to convert and either enquire about or buy your product.

Your Christmassy ads deserve a festive home.

Add a little magic to your landing page with images, graphics and the text that you use. You want to remind people that they’re Christmas shopping and help them to get into the Christmas spirit. After all, people are a lot more generous at this time of year.

Ensure that you include all the important information, and all gifting information is readily available for users. This may include the option for a gift card or a gift-wrapping service, make all of this information clear for users as this could be the selling point for them.

Creating your landing page now will allow you enough time to get the design just right, but also to set up the right tracking on your page. This may be tracking purchases, contact forms or even email links. It is all useful when you’re determining the ROI of your marketing or tracking the ongoing progress of your campaign.

Make Your Ad Text a Star

The ad text. It’s what is going to attract the users to click through to your landing page. It’s 3 headlines and a 180-character description for you to show off your product and get the shoppers to click.

Use your seasonal keywords in your headlines to draw the user’s eye, but also include an amazing offer, or a highlight of using your Christmas service as opposed to others.

It’s always nice to include a little festive cheer into your message, remember, it’s Christmas so tone down on the hard-selling tactics.

Utilise ad extensions with the best of the best Christmas offers, site links and key points. This will make your ad appear larger in searches and provide the shoppers with more information.

If you’re using display ads, create some festive graphics and images, as opposed to your usual campaign images.

Remember, the peak time for Christmas marketing is November and December, so you need to get prepared ahead of time and start now.

If you want to know more about Google Ads or how you can utilise this platform for the Christmas period, get in touch with our team today on: 01392 349580.

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