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Advertising in a digital format has become increasingly popular with marketers now targeting their products and services to the consumer multiple times a day. This increased advertising reach has been made available by the huge growth of digital, including; websites, social media, google search and email marketing.

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Although marketers are now able to revel in this opportunity to reach consumers, some consumers are beginning to become tired with the constant stream of advertising that we face on an everyday basis.

So how can advertisers find the right balance?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Marketers find a tough challenge between posting enough content so that their message is noticed and bombarding people with too much information. Here are just a few techniques that marketers are beginning to action in order to maximise a positive response from their carefully curated content.


There are plenty of people that claim that they have been bombarded with advertising in the past and let’s face it they probably have. However, advertising tools have become more sophisticated now and there are certain things that advertisers can do to prevent bombarding consumers with adverts. Let’s take Facebook for example, a business might have a new sign up deal to a subscription service. The purpose of this ad would be to attract new customers, therefore advertising to existing customers would be irrelevant and might even make them angry if they were customers that joined before the new sign up deal was released. Therefore, advertisers can target their ads to people that do not already have their service and block it from those that do.


The developments in digital allow marketers to profile their prospective customers and produce content that appears specifically to their targeted audience. By using this personalisation technique, marketers are able to produce more relevant content to those that are interested and avoid bombarding those that do not fit their stereotypical audience with unnecessary ads. This more personalised approach has had a positive response in the sense that people are enjoying seeing adverts that are relevant to their interests or their lifestyle as opposed to useless content that is completely irrelevant to them.


Once people begin to engage with the online content in a positive manner, for example, liking a post on Facebook or messaging the business that is advertising them, can then become more direct and involved and start a conversation directly with the consumer that is interested and therefore personalise their response even more in the hope that they will attain a conversion.

Of course, you are always going to have a battle on your hands as there is always going to be someone that is unhappy. However, if you need a little help getting your content out there in a balanced and effective manner then contact WNW Digital today and discuss our online advertising platforms now.

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