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The Brilliant Benefits Of Instapage

A fantastic service that we use is Instapage, a website that allows you to building landing pages particularly useful for online marketing and promotion campaigns.instapage

As we’ve discussed before, landing pages are vital to your online advertising because it ultimately makes the user decide whether or not he or she will stay on your page and ultimately become a conversion for your business.

Instapage Features

Instapage offers A/B split testing, so that we can make changes to your landing pages and test which ones perform the best for your campaigns, because the slightest change to text, images or layout can make a big difference and with Instapage we can monitor which changes your users like best.

We are able to easily manage multiple campaigns, with a dashboard that is both easy to use and easy to navigate that gives us a great way to manage and work on different landing pages for different clients, which is particularly great for us as we manage lots of different online campaigns!

When it comes to building the page itself, Instapage’s simple design allows us to be build high quality landing pages in a very quick time, so that our clients can get a brilliant landing page for their online campaign at a quick rate, without lowering standards.Instapage pop up

Instapage also allows pop up windows, fill out forms and incorporate a PayPal buy button, which is perfect for those looking to sell a product. The pop up window is great because it doesn’t fill the page with lots of text and it’s a great way to bring to life your landing page that bit more.

If you want to link your new landing page through your online advertising, it makes your conversion rate far easier to track because we know that any bookings/enquiries are coming through your unique page. So if you have 5 clicks on your advert and 1 form submission, then you know that you have a 20% conversion rate.

Any buttons or forms can be tracked easily within your dashboard and it also allows us to set up an email address that receives a notification when somebody completes the landing page objective. So if I were to set up a ‘call me back’ button, when someone fills out the form and clicks that button, it would then send an email of all the details of that submission as well as storing it in your Instapage dashboard.instapge lead

And to round things off, Instapage makes all landing pages mobile responsive and gives the option to edit for that mobile page, which we all know is fantastic from an SEO point of view.

Of course, not all advertising campaigns will suit Instapage because lots of e-commerce sites will want to have the landing page on the actual product, not a page that then links to the product page, so that’s something to consider in detail.

Also we have a great mixture of developers and digital marketers, so we have the best mixture of knowledge and experience to complete a strong and high quality landing page and we will be happy to help anyone who wants to enquire about a potential landing page.

Instapage has been a brilliant tool for us here at WNW Digital and you can view our Total Digital Marketing page that has been built using Instapage below, so you can see all the great features that you could feature into your online campaigns.

Total Digital Marketing

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