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Conducting Sales To Bring In Valuable, Long-Term Clients

As sales people we know that new business is one of the most important factors to help achieve your company’s revenue target. And of course there are many marketing methods at our disposal to help gain a new client, be it cold calling, canvassing, networking, referrals, internet marketing, and ideally business can come from an incoming call. It is important to proactively use all the marketing methods and to use them regularly; this will improve your chances of more appointments and of course improve your chances of converting these prospects into clients.

I believe if you asked most sales people which methods they most feared they would generally all say cold calling and canvassing. But should we really fear these methods? When cold calling or canvassing do not worry if you receive a ‘no’, simply learn from the experience and move on to the next prospect. If you do get a potential client’s attention try and stay in control of the conversation, prospects no longer like the hard sell approach, instead be up front with them and tell them you cannot be sure if you are the right company for them until certain criteria has been discussed first, such as their requirements, budget and decision making process.

Do not take the call any further until you have a firm agreement that it is worth progressing to the next stage, if you do receive this agreement be sure to tell the prospect exactly what will happen next. If they understand and agree to everything you say this keeps you in control of the process and makes it harder for the buyer to do what sales people resent, such as having to constantly chase for a decision which can take up valuable time.

By being honest and clear throughout the sales process, you will not only gain new business, but new business that stays with your company.

About The Author: Glenn Dalley works with new and prospective clients in finding the right web design, web development or internet marketing solutions for their business. You can email him at or phone on 08456 588310. You can also keep track of WNW Digital on Facebook here.

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Glenn, Good thoughts- something else to consider is, if you do get a ‘no’ don’t see that as a dead end- good client management is about building relationships and knowing whats happening next for your client or your prospective client. That next call will be a lot warmer, if you know they are reviewing things in 6 months etc…

Nice to read a blog championing direct sales.

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