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Introducing Facebook Live Stream

Facebook live videoVideo streaming in general has proved to be a popular feature of marketing with YouTube and Periscope to name a few being some of the dominating video social media channels out there. However, there seems to be a new player in the game… Facebook live!

Have you started to receive notifications on Facebook to say that ………. Is now live?  The answer is probably yes. At the beginning of the year Facebook introduced Video Live Streaming. On January 28th 2016 live streaming became accessible to Facebook Business Pages and businesses were also able to start using this function to market their content in a whole new way.

So what is Facebook live?

Facebook live allows its users and business pages to broadcast a video in real time. No fancy editing and cutting of a pre-recorded video, more of a point the camera, shoot and broadcast kind of vibe. Facebook has made this tool extremely accessible to its users by building the feature right into the Facebook framework (meaning no extra add on Apps are required). Within second of pressing the live video icon on the status button of your Facebook post, your video will start broadcasting to your audience and appear as a notification and in their newsfeed. You don’t have to worry about this video being lost once you finish filming, as Facebook even saves the video automatically to your timeline or business page, allowing those who perhaps missed out on the live stream to catch up at a later time.

So how can Facebook Live benefit your business?

In a world that is saturated with online content, visual content and video content is becoming key!

Many of us have seen the video of the “Chewbacca mom” – as she filmed herself laughing hysterically while wearing a mask of a Star Wars character. What started off as a live-stream to friends soon changed and became one of the popular videos viewed on Facebook when it was repeatedly shared by many ultimately bringing in over 160 million views, with claims being made that this video prompted the mask that she was wearing to sell out from Khol’s online.

Although this might have been an innocent live stream from a “mom” it provides an examples to businesses just how successful live video stream can be. Many Facebook Business Pages have begun to experiment with the live stream, with personal trainers like Joe Wicks – The Body Coach broadcasting live workouts, or Vogue broadcasting a fashion show. If you’re a restaurant owner, you could live stream the food being made… the opportunities to produce great content are endless and Facebook have now provided an easy way to help you get your content to the masses.

How is Facebook Live going to develop?

Of course, Facebook have the seen the opportunity to monetize live stream and businesses could soon be given the option to promote a video within a live stream from their ad account… ultimately getting their live stream into the eyes of many more people!

Facebook have already started testing short video ads that will play during breaks in Facebook broadcasts. According to techcrunch “ the company is just letting a small group of publishers insert a short ad break in their Live videos. The ads can appear anywhere after five minutes into a live stream, and can last up to a maximum of 15 seconds….. whilst giving the live publishers control of what category of advert can be shown during their stream”

Facebook is continuing to experiment and consider a number of innovations in advertising, such as personalizing ads for different viewers, so they would see only the ads of most interest to them.

There are still many unanswered questions on exactly how this new advertising feature might work, but keep your eyes peeled we are bound to hear more from the social media giants shortly!

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