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3 Simple Steps That Will Drive Your Conversions

This basic yet informative blog entry shows how you can increase your conversion rate by making your products searchable, being informative and simplifying the buying process.


Make your products searchable. One sure way of increasing those all – important sales is by making your products easily accessible to your customers. For example you might have hundreds if not thousands of products available to purchase online, to you these products might be organised in categories that make perfect sense, however to your customers your category and product structure might not be so clear. By adding a search function customers who know exactly what product they are looking for will be able to find the desired item with ease and will save them trawling through the website trying to find it themselves. Making your website as user friendly as possible and reducing the steps in which clients have to take in order to make a purchase will increase your chance of achieving conversions.


Be informative! Make sure your product descriptions accurately represent and provide enough detail about the item your customers are interested in buying. The details you include will obviously be dependent on the type of product that you are selling. Here for example are a few suggestions of details you might want to include: colour details, sizes available, dimensions, material, guarantee and so on. You should also make other important information easily available on your website such as your returns policy. Make sure your customers understand how your returns policy operates before they purchase, this will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and hassle in the future if customers are dissatisfied with their product.


Simplify the buying process – Have a clear layout and design – Make sure buying a product or service online is a simple process. It might seem like common sense but this is often a problem that causes hiccups for many ecommerce businesses. Have a clear/ striking Buy Now button that stands out and is noticeable on the web page. Only ask for the payment and customer details that are actually required. Customers will get impatient and will be unlikely to complete their order if they have to waste time filling out endless fields. Of course you can still use this space effectively and ask for their email address for marketing purposes etc., just respect your customer’s privacy in the sense that they might not want to reveal all details to you just to buy for example an item of clothing.

If you need any assistance with each of the things mentioned in this blog entry the team at WNW Digital will be more than happy to help.

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