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AdWords Strategy: Are you holistic?

Google’s AdWords Optimization team has been delving into the art of making the product work better for its clients. To start things off, they recommend getting a little perspective first.

Finding those desirable customers and bringing them to your website requires knowing your industry and your audience. This is where Google believes online entrepreneurs need to look at what they want to accomplish, and consider its scope.

“Whether you are in retail or finance, an independent small business owner or a marketer for a large corporation,” blogged the AdWords team, “it helps to begin with a holistic perspective on the products and services you offer and how they fit into a broader industry landscape.”

The scope of what a marketer can offer to customers is important here. A business may serve a specialized niche, or offer a wide variety of products to a broad audience. Searching Google to see where competitors rank in organic and paid search can provide valuable intelligence when optimizing a campaign.

Knowing the audience means trying to understand how they think. People with certain interests might search in a particular way. Learning more about these tendencies helps when developing a strategy.

“You may want to sell the same product to both Internet-savvy teens and their more technology-shy parents, but may need to have different advertising strategies to reach the two different audiences,” Google noted.

That means digging into services like Google’s Keyword Tool for more perspective on how people look for a product or service. A site’s own analytical data based on its access logs can show how people arrive at a given site. If a lot of people are arriving after searching for a particular keyword or phrase, while other keywords don’t seem to attract visits, you should adjust campaigns accordingly.

Look at the whole picture. It’s the optimal thing to do.

About the Author:
David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

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