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Did You Fall Down Google's Newest Black Hole?

If you rely on Google for any significant website traffic, you’ve likely heard about their latest algorithm change, dubbed “penguin.” This one blasted a huge number of well-ranked sites into virtual oblivion.

Today I’ll help you sort things out and share some easier, less stressful ways to get traffic and income online, so you don’t have to rely on the big G anymore.

OK, let’s talk a little about Penguin. Basically, it was Google’s latest algorithm update in the last week of April, 2012. It resulted in an extremely large number of blogs and sites plunging down the SERP’s. Sites that were over-optimized for specific keyword phrases seem to have suffered the most from this latest algo update. If your site didn’t meet Google’s new standards for backlinking, content and keyword use, then you probably paid the price. If you want to read more details about Penguin including how it affected many people, hop on over to my old fríend Neil Shearing’s blog for more of the ins and outs.

What’s my opinion of the whole thing?

Frankly, I’m starting to become less and less of a fan of Google. My attitude toward the big G started really shifting a few months ago. That’s when their new page layout algo, essentially started penalizing sites containing what they considered to be too many ads above the fold. (This despite their own ad-heavy layout in many search results.)

To me it seems they have too much power to crush little businesses, literally overnight. That’s not a good thing in my opinion. I mean, it’s one thing if a small business is playing dirty with black-hat SEO, but it’s something altogether when someone is playing by the rules and guidelines set by Google itself, and getting caught in the crossfire anyway.

OK, that’s all I’ll say about the whole Google thing. That and the fact that I think that I’ll join the legions of others who are moving their search activity to Bing from now on. After this latest algo change at Google, many folks including me are finding that Bing is now delivering more relevant search results anyway.

I even heard someone say “Bing It” instead of “Google it” the other day at the supermarket checkout line. (Gosh, you know things have come full circle when a Microsoft owned property becomes the alternative choice – I remember the days when everybody hated them!)

OK, so now that I got that off my chest, let’s talk a little about getting traffic and income without relying on Google ranking at all. Or any search engine for that matter.

If you read some of the comments at Neil Shearing’s blog, you’ll understand why relying on Google for the bulk of your traffic can be such a huge mistake. Years of work wiped out overnight. Thousands of daily visitors gone in a matter of minutes.

So why oh why do so many people put all their eggs in the Google basket? My guess is that it “seems” easier and cheaper than all the other traffic strategies. And sure, it’s nice to have a steady stream of traffic coming in at no cost. I’ve been there and loved it too. But I knew it would not last forever, so I made a commitment 10 years ago to not ever spend more than a few hours a month on SEO.

Instead, I focused on other traffic strategies, such as Strategic Alliances, and you should too. Getting traffic and income this way is far more reliable and far less stressful.

The Strategic Alliance Plan…

With every shake-up at Google comes an opportuníty hardly anyone ever talks about. Think about this for a second. If many of the top ranked sites in your niche are pushed down the SERP’s overnight, they are obviously replaced with other sites and blogs. These newly top-ranked web property owners will see a sharp boost in traffic literally overnight. So much they may not know what to do with it. This is where you step in!

Take the list of keyword phrases you used when setting up your own site and search Google for one of these terms every day. Then contact the top 5 ranked sites for each keyword phrase and offer them something irresistible. (More on that in a minute.)

That’s 25 personal invitations going out every week. If you get even one or two favorable replies you’ll have a lot more traffic in a few weeks. Here’s how…

It’s all about the “irresistible” proposition you offer. Here’s an example of what works so well it can change your life…

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